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Monday, May 07, 2012

Liberal's Selective Outrage

 By Heather

You know, it is an age old story, but one worth repeating. Why is it that the liberals get upset about things like Rush Limbaugh’s politically incorrect reference to Sandra Fluke as a slut, and yet left-wing advocates like Bill Maher can get away with calling Sarah Palin… a word I won’t repeat here? 

I have to admit, neither one of the men were right to use language like that to describe anyone. They are both guilty of disrespect at the very least. But where is the outrage from the left on Maher’s comment? I mean, if they get so upset over the word slut being used, they must be incensed over the expletive he used! Right? Right?

Well, apparently not. Look, I’m not asking them to get upset over every little thing, but can they just be consistent? I mean, you can’t pick and choose what upsets you based on who says it, right? If your morals and values are offended by one person making a comment like that, then they, by all rights, should be offended by anyone making that sort of declaration.

But it is not just the slurs that get me. Liberals have pushed for graphic images on cigarette boxes, depicting the deleterious effects of cigarette smoking on the body. That’s fine with me. I mean, I’m all for giving smokers another reason to quit. Depending, of course, on how graphic they are talking. But I just have to add in one caveat.

Why are they fighting graphic depictions of abortions? Shouldn’t the same protections afforded to smokers- a lifestyle choice- be given to women seeking abortions? Isn’t that their battle cry: pro-choice? If smoking is a choice, and yet they want to warn smokers- visually- of the dangers, then shouldn’t they give similar warnings to women looking to abort? 

Just something to think about.

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