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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Video- RNC Ad Uses Obama's Own Question: Are You Better Off?

By Susan Duclos

Another hard hitting RNC video campaign ad using Barack Obama's own question from 2008 when he said "The question in this election is not are you better off than you were four years ago. The real question is 'will this country be better off four years from now?"

The words Four Years Later show up on a black background. Then the RNC uses Obama's own question from his Ohio Rally, "Are we satisfied?" The crowd screams "NO!!!"

Side view while listening to Obama destroy himself, shows CNN money quote from 5/4/12 "Roughly 12.5 million Americans remain unemployed."

Quote from Lender Processing Services from 4/24/12 "Over 5.5 million mortgages are either in foreclosure or 30 or more days delinquent."

The numbers from the U.S. Treasury Department "Most debt added by any U.S. President $5 trillion."

Numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Since Obama took office local governments have shed 254,400 education jobs."

Four Years later, not better off.


So, four years ago, in 2008, Obama said "the real question was will the country be better off four years from now." Four years later Obama is now saying "But you know, the real question — the question that will actually make a difference in your lives and the lives of your children — is not just how we’re doing today, but how we’ll be doing tomorrow."

 Barack Obama may be able to convince his supporters, which are far less than he had in 2008, to not analyze his record (now that he actually has one) and not look at the lack of recovery under his reign, but it is doubtful he will convince the rest of the country to ignore the direction he has taken America in.

 A direction that over 60 percent of the population calls the "wrong track."

One might even say the country is going "backward."

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