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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Democrats' Legislative Snuff Film

By Guest Writer, Greg Lewis

Given what used to be called the unintended consequences of so many Democratic legislative initiatives, we have to ask if in fact it might be Democrats' intention to kill as many Americans as they can through “legal” means. You know, American car manufacturers create new models of very light automobiles to satisfy congressionally mandated CAFE mileage standards and kill tens of thousands of Americans who bought these automotive equivalents of ultra-light aircraft and discovered the hard way that they provide no protection at all in a crash. Leftist legislation has essentially legalized murder in so many cases that you have to wonder if they're not surreptitiously carrying out the homicidal intent of their ideological forbears, tyrants like Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong.

In fact, so determined have those on the left been to kill off as many Americans as they can that watching the consequences of the Democratic Party's legislative initiatives unfold over the past several decades has been a lot like watching a snuff film in Super Slow Motion. If you were to play back this movie at full speed, you'd see tens of thousands of quick cuts to the drivers of tiny cars weighing less than 2,000 pounds being pulled lifeless from their ultra-light automobiles after they'd been crushed in highway accidents with normal sized autos.

These images would be intercut with shots of hospital operating rooms where fetus after fetus was delivered lifeless after abortions. As our film approached the present time, we would see more and more shots of third trimester babies being aborted, with some of them surviving and being discarded to die alone. In states such as Illinois, it was until recently against the law to provide medical assistance to a viable baby who survived an abortion. The scenes described by nurses present at late term abortions which babies survived are heart-wrenching: the tiniest of infants abandoned in hospital laundry rooms to die alone, or the nurses themselves, unable to bear the thought of leaving the babies, swaddling them and comforting them by holding them in their arms as the helpless children died.

If we fast forward to a future in which the consequences of Obama's health care legislation are being realized, we see millions of our nation's elderly denied the end-of-life care -- care that America's doctors and the patients' families have always worked so diligently to provide -- because decisions about which treatments they can receive have been delegated to bureaucratic stooges who now stand between patient and physician. Oh, sure, Democrats screamed bloody murder when Sarah Palin referred to the “death panels” spelled out in their health care legislation. But the fact is that from Roe v. Wade to CAFE standards legislation to laws giving support for late term and live birth abortions to ObamaCare, the Democrats have shouted from the rooftops that they're the party of death. Millions of lives -- some 50 million to abortions alone -- have been lost unnecessarily because of leftist legislative initiatives.

To this point: Not only did President Obama sign an order providing federal funds to support research using embryonic stem cells, he withdrew federal funds from adult stem cell research, the only form of such research that has produced successful results and the only form of such research that doesn't kill a viable embryo. Plainly put, as he had in supporting legislation in the state of Illinois that required that infants who survived late term abortions not be kept alive but be abandoned and left to die, Obama has once again come out in support of unnecessary death.

Of course, we don't see all of these legislatively-mandated deaths in one sitting. They happen over time, and we become gradually inured to the idea that bad laws produce cruel and inhuman results. We lose sight of the fact that the ideology that informs the Democrats' political philosophy kills people, that focusing on such things as trying to reduce the amount of carbon we release in the atmosphere so we can “save our planet” means, not only are we pursuing an absurd and scientifically unsupportable agenda, we're causing conscientious people who have the misfortune to believe the lies and disinformation the left spreads to support its “causes” to put themselves at risk.

In warfare it's called “collateral damage,” and it's something Democrats won't tolerate on the battlefield. In order to reduce it, they're willing to tie the hands of our military and put our troops in harm's way to a greater degree than necessary in order to prevent deaths of our enemies in the countries in which we're fighting. In Afghanistan, for instance, Obama's new rules-of-engagement policy has translated into requiring that our troops only fire at enemy combatants who have weapons in their hands. This meant, in the liberation of Marjah, that Taliban soldiers would fire from within buildings at our troops, then put down their weapons and walk out casually. Our troops had to stand by, knowing they were restrained from killing someone who, moments earlier, had been trying to kill them.

We need to understand that, for Democrats, these are intended consequences, something they are unwilling to acknowledge, certainly not to correct. From Barack Obama on down, the death of innocents is the desired outcome of many Democratic legislative and policy initiatives.

The Democrats are the party of death, and the blood of deceived Americans is on the hands of a president and complicit lawmakers who are, at bottom, the executive producers of America's legislative snuff film 

Greg Lewis Ph.D. is the author of The Politics of Anger, which systematically lays out the communist/socialist foundations of the liberal political agenda by examining the important writings of leftist thinkers of the past 75 years.

Lewis also co-authored "End Your Addiction Now : The Proven Nutritional Supplement Program That Can Set You Free."Greg

© 2012 by Greg Lewis
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