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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Video- Jon Lovitz Nails Obama On Hannity, Progressives Go Nuts On Twitter

By Susan Duclos

At the end of April Jon Lovitz made headlines when he went on a rant against Barack Obama and called him a "F*cking A**hole for Obama's "tax the rich more" rhetoric." Lovitz caught hell from progressive liberals and then he appeared on the Sean Hannity show as a followup. Liberal Twitters then went completely insane attacking Lovitz while conservatives showed the admitted Obama supporter (perhaps former supporter now), some support.

[WATCH Lovitz on Hannity below]

The Twitchy Team captured the liberal Twitter hatred toward Lovitz as well as the conservative support for him.

There is a lesson here for liberals that disagree with Obama and are not scared to say so....... do so publicly and you will be labeled a racist and Nazi and become the public enemy number one.