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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Romney Clinches GOP Nomination- The Race Is On: CO, IA, and Nevada Deadlocked

By Susan Duclos

On Tuesday, with the Texas GOP primary, Mitt Romney officially clinched the Republican nomination as he bypasses the 1,144 delegates needed to win and the initial polling for three states Barack Obama flipped from red to blue in 2008, via NBC News/Marist polling, show a deadlocked race for 2012.

The margin of error in the poll is plus-or-minus 3 percentage points.

• Colorado- Obama 46 percent, Romney 45 percent.
In 2008, Obama beat John McCain by 8.6 percentage points.

• Iowa- Obama 44 percent, Romney 44 percent.
In 2008, Obama beat McCain by  9.3 percentage points.

• Obama 48 percent, Romney 46 percent.
In 2008, Obama beat McCain by 12.4 percentage points.

Via National Journal:

The states -- Colorado, Iowa and Nevada -- are relatively small, but each is an important and symbolic bellwether. In each state, voters overwhelmingly say the economy will be the most important issue in this year's election, but Obama either trails Romney on this issue or, at best, ties him.
There is good news and bad news for each candidate within this poll, and Morrissey from Hot Air points to supporter enthusiasm, which favors Romney in Iowa and Colorado by 8 percent and 11 percent respectively and which favors Obama by 2 percent in Nevada.

  • Colorado – “A majority of Romney’s supporters — 52% — are very enthusiastic about casting their ballot in the fall while 41% of Obama’s supporters have a similar level of enthusiasm.”
  • Iowa – “46% of Romney’s supporters are very enthusiastic about going to the polls in November. This compares with 38% of Obama’s backers who have a similar degree of enthusiasm.”
  • Nevada – “53% of voters who support the president are very enthusiastic about going to the polls in the fall while a similar 51% of Romney backers say the same.”

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