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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama's Latest Ad Touts $299 Million Stimulus Failure

By Susan Duclos

[Update] It gets worse. The man in the Obama ad (below) that claims Obama's auto bailout is why he is working....   had the job at Johnson since 2006, according to his Facebook page and although the information was quickly pulled down, but not before it was screen captured.


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So, to recap: Johnson controls got $299 million of taxpayer stimulus  and it resulted in 1 factory at half-capacity, outsourced jobs to Hungary, corporate downsizing, and the company is being fined for potential lead poisoning.

And this is the success story he is putting in his campaign ads.
Links in recap added by me taken from the article linked above.

The Obama ad touting $299 million dollars that was flushed right down the toilet.

That is not just embarrassing, that is almost criminally incompetent.

[Update #2] Evidently, this isn't the first time the Obama administration has deliberately misled the public about someone being helped by "Obama" only to state later.... it wasn't true.

Ibson acknowledged today that her coverage was not provided by the new federal health-reform program. She said she makes that point more clearly when she gives a 15 minute presentation on the issue. She said some of the specifics were trimmed out when she shortened her talk to about three minutes, with the help of campaign staff members.
Overall, she said, the Obama campaign wanted her to speak as a person who has struggled to find coverage. “I never thought they tried to make me the face of someone giving credit to the president for doing something he hadn’t done,” she said.

I repeat..... Incompetent.