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Friday, May 25, 2012

Brett Kimberlin, Speedway Bomber: This Is Part Of The Free Speech Blogburst -Hashtag #BrettKimberlin

By Susan Duclos

This is the day we all stand up for Free Speech.

[Update]The National Bloggers Club has  set up a donation page to help support the bloggers targeted by Brett Kimberlin and Co.

[Updates with other links to blogs joining in will be at the bottom]

The other day I noticed a story over at The Other McCain, where Robert Stacy McCain felt threatened to the point where he picked up his family and left his home. Updates on that piece were added when I began searching and found that others had been harassed by the same individual.

The reason these bloggers were and still are being terrorized is for  writing about a man known as the Speedway Bomber.

His name is Brett Kimberlin and for a week in 1978, the town of Speedway was terrorized by Kimberlin.

He was tried and he was convicted in a court of law.

The first trial, in 1980, ended in a hung jury on the more serious charges, but he was found guilty of impersonating a Department of Defense security guard. That got him a 12-year sentence on top four years for the Texas drug conviction. In the second Indiana trial, in June 1981, Kimberlin was convicted only of illegal possession of explosives. The third trial took 53 days and 118 witnesses and ended with a conviction on the bombing charges on Oct. 15, 1981. He was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

The mainstream media has ignored these constant threats against conservatives bloggers, the 100+ lawsuits Kimberlin continues to clog the courts with against anyone who writes about him, so Lee Stranahan came up with the idea for everyone to research for themselves who Kimberlin is, and write about their findings today, May 25, 2012.

So I’m declaring this Friday, May 25th as Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.
Here’s what you do to take part…

  1. Research Brett Kimberlin on your own. Don’t trust secondary sources; look for the orginal articles articles published about him, too.
  2. On Friday, May 25th — write an honest, factually accurate post about what you learned and what your OPINION is. Brett may try and sue you, so be accurate, factual and separate fact from opinion.
  3. The post doesn’t have to be long — ANYTHING helps.
  4. After you post, Tweet, share, whatever — get the post out there.
This foolishness has gone on long enough.

Browsing the web today, I see another case of serial terrorism, detailed, long, but well worth the read over at Patterico's Pontifications: "Convicted Bomber Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, Ron Brynaert, and Their Campaign of Political Terrorism"

You’re about to listen to one of the most bone-chilling pieces of audio you will ever hear. At least, it was to me when I first heard it.

It’s a phone call that could have gotten me killed.

In this post you will hear that audio clip. You will also read about a months-long campaign of harassment carried out by at least three individuals: Ron Brynaert, Neal Rauhauser, and Brett Kimberlin — much of it directed at critics of Brett Kimberlin. This harassment includes repeated references to critics’ family members, workplace complaints, publication of personal information such as home addresses and pictures of residences, bogus allegations of criminal activity, whisper campaigns, frivolous legal actions, and frivolous State Bar complaints.

And finally, you will hear a comparison of one of those men’s voices to that of the man who made the call that sent police to my home. And you’ll read a declaration from a forensic audio expert comparing those two voices.


In the last radio interview Andrew Breitbart ever gave, on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, Breitbart talked about a new ruthless tactic used by thugs against political opponents:
[O]ne of the things they’ve done to people who have worked with me in the past, including an L.A. prosecutor, is to “SWAT.” That means that they’re spoofing phones, pretending to be somebody else’s phone, calling 911, and saying “I killed somebody” and then the person’s home is met with the guns drawn, the SWAT and the helicopters, in a horrifying act. It’s happened twice: once in New Jersey, once in Los Angeles, with an L.A. County . . . prosecutor who [is] associated with me.”
I am that L.A. County prosecutor. And in this post, you’ll hear the hoax call that sent police to my house, pointing loaded guns at me.

Read the entire piece to understand the lengths these people have gone in order to stifle free speech.

Auntybrat, a contributor here and a spitfire if I ever met one, joined in over at her blog Assoluta Tranquillita:

It is indeed a grave crisis when a blogger has to go into hiding, and over the years he is not the first that I have been aware of. Bottom line is, none of us can allow a blogger to be browbeaten into silence, even if we might disagree with what they say.

Remember this? : When they came for me, there was no-one left to speak.

If defenders of free speech allow this kind of threatening intimidation to succeed in silencing any ONE of us, we are all in grave danger of losing our rights to freedom of speech.

As Laughing Wolf says:

Free speech is never truly free -- it is only free because good people stand up no matter the threat to make it so. Team Blackfive stands, do you?

My answer is Yes! I stand.. What is YOUR answer?

While the mainstream media gives proof of the nickname lamestream media and completely ignores this, many, many others are stepping up and showing that they are willing to fight for the right of free speech without harassment, without terrorism.

This is not a left vs right issue, not a political ideological issue but is very much a First Amendment issue. It is about a man, Brett Kimberlin, who abuses the legal system in order to prevent facts from being written about his crimes, his ongoing harassment of targeted individuals.

Bookworm Room succinctly explains why many of us who have not heard the word blogburst in years, are now participating in one:

When faced with this situation — a criminally vindictive vexatious litigant with a violent history, a full purse, and a legal system that refuses to act — there’s only one thing to do:  make it practically and financially impossible for the bad guy to continue his damaging ways.  If Kimberlin wants to go after bloggers, we’ll give him bloggers . . . hundreds of bloggers.  Good luck to him trying to turn his efforts and energies, as well as his friends’ deep pockets, to the task of silencing every one of the individuals willing to re-print his record of lawlessness, imprisonment, harassment, and abuse of the civil justice system.

Welcome to the Blogburst of all Blogbursts!  If you haven’t joined in the May 25, 2012 “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin” party, what are you waiting for?  This is the place where the elite meet and where the witty play.  It is the ultimate venue for those committed to free speech, justice, honor, and the strength that comes from many individuals joining together.  Here’s a list of those bloggers I know who have sent in their RSVPs and are now having fun.  If you would like to be included on this list, please send me a link

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[Updates below]

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I repeat my question from  a previous piece on this:

Where is the media? ABC News, where are you? CBS News, where are you? NBC, Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, Fox..... where the hell are you guys?
[Update] The few media mentions are Human EventsInternational Business TimesWashington ExaminerFront Page and Reason
Washington Times describes Senator Orrin Hatch's 1999 problems with Kimberlin.
Breitbart discovers that some of those funding Kimberlin, didn't know he was a convicted terrorist.