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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Team Obama Just Endorsed Mitt Romney As President

By Susan Duclos

This was mentioned in passing in the previous post which showed how Bain Capital created more jobs than Obama's stimulus did, but the more I think of it, the more I see a quote from  Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith as the best endorsement ever for Mitt Romney as President in 2012.

ABC News:

"Mitt Romney’s partners, employees, and top supporters have all been clear: his tenure at Bain Capital was about creating wealth for himself and his investors, not creating jobs," said Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith. "Those are the very same economic values he’d bring to the presidency......

 That is more of an argument for Romney than against.

It has already been shown that more jobs were created by Bain than those that were lost. More were lost by Obama's stimulus than were created or saved. The net gain of jobs by Bain was only a side benefit of making money for Bain and their investors.

If America was Bain and Americans were the investors, then by Team Obama's own logic, Romney would create wealth for America, put money in American's wallets and the side effect would be a net gain for job creation.

Obama's own attack has just given every American a reason to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012.