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Friday, May 04, 2012

Video- American Crossroad: The Only Thing Moving 'Forward' Under Obama Is 'Our National Debt'

By Susan Duclos

It certainly didn't take the  American Crossroads SuperPAC very long after Team Obama launched their new campaign slogan of "Forward" to create a video ad, which they titled "Backward".

In the video it shows all the ways America has gone backwards, including food stamps, gas prices and loss of jobs, since Obama has been in office, then the narrator says "Thing only think moving forward under Barack Obama, is our national debt, up $5 trillion."


This in addition to the RNC launching their own attacks against Obama, including the unveiling of their new Obama slogan, "Hype and Blame 2012", with bumper stickers and video ads,  and Mitt Romney's campaign attacking Obama with Obama's "Broken Promises" themed campaign ads, ("Broken Promises: Energy," and "Broken Promises: Spending") shows conservatives across the board have kicked into to high gear for the general election phase of the 2012 campaign season.