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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Poll: Wisconsin Voters Favor Governor Scott Walker's Reforms

By Susan Duclos

With the recall election between Governor Scott Walker (R) and Tom Barrett (D) due to take place on June 5, 2012,  the latest Reason-Rupe poll shows overwhelming support by Wisconsin voters for the controversial reforms Walker signed into law.


• 50 percent to 42 percent favor Walker over Barrett

• 72 percent to 24 percent favor increasing the amount that government employees contribute to their own pensions from less than one percent to six percent of their annual salaries.

• 71 percent to 37 percent favor increasing the amount that government employees contribute to their own health care from six percent to 12 percent of the cost of their healthcare.

• 50 percent to 41 percent favor ending automatic union dues deductions from government employee paychecks.

• Statistical tie with 47 percent to 46 percent  favoring limiting government employee collective bargaining to just negotiating wages and excluding bargaining on benefits, working conditions, pensions and rules.

•44 percent believe unions have "too much power" in negotiating contracts, 20 percent believe they have "too little power" and 29 percent believe they have the "right amount of power."

• 51 percent to 41 percent favor a law that would no longer require workers in unionized companies to pay union dues as a condition of employment.

• 36 percent believe public sector unions have done more to "hurt state and local economy." 26 percent believe they have "helped state and local economy" and 32 percent believe do not make much of a difference.

• 65 percent believe government employees receive better retirement benefits than workers with similar jobs in the private sector. 7 percent say worse. 22 percent say the they receive the same benefits.

• 74 percent to 24 percent believe public employees should be require to contribute more towards their own pensions and healthcare.

Full questionnaire and answers found here and embedded below.

Reason Rupe Poll

According to Real Clear Politics averages, not including this latest Reason-Rupe poll, Walker leads Barrett by 6.4 percent. (The figures at that link change as RCP adds newer polling data)

H/T The Blaze

[Update] We Ask America now has Walker up by 12.


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