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Friday, May 11, 2012

Mitt Romney Speech in Lansing, Michigan Hammers Obama's Economic Failures

By Susan Duclos

Despite the deliberate attempts to distract Americans from economic issues, Mitt Romney is staying on track and focused on what Americans in every single priority poll conducted, say they are the most concerned about.... the economy or when the polls add the two together in their questions, jobs and the economy.

Romney's campaign speech on Tuesday in Lansing, Michigan is a good example of his campaigns determination to not allow distractions to take over too much of their time and to focus on the issues concerning Americans.

[WATCH a portion of the speech below]

(The audio for the whole 20 minutes speech here)

The description of the speech via YouTube:

This is part of a speech "A New Course For America", given in Lansing, Michigan by Governor Mitt Romney. The simple fact is that our current president can not run on his own record and will do literally anything to use hype and distraction even up to the creation of a completely alternative reality with cartoons and animation to completely ignore and distract the American people from the inconvenient truth and facts he has failed us as a president and as a people.

We need jobs and our current president is actually not doing his job and has increased the national debt more than every other single president of the United States of America combined in less than three and a half years! OMG=Obama Must Go!

Issues like Romney is focusing on are what the November presidential election will hinge on, the economy, jobs, debt, deficit, spending etc....

With new reports showing that out of 13.3 million Americans who were unemployed in the first quarter of 2012, a staggering 29.5 percent have been out of work for 52 weeks, according to Pew Charitable Trust, what Mitt Romney did or did not do in 1965, becomes completely irrelevant to the upcoming presidential election. (H/T James Pethokoukis via Wynton Hall)

Look at the chart below: (Click chart to enlarge)

Ingrid Schroeder, director of the Pew Fiscal Analysis Initiative at the Pew Charitable Trusts, explains the danger of the Obama unemployment crisis:
"When you look at the overall long-term unemployment rate in early 2008, it was about 9.5 percent. And when you look at where we are today, at 29.5 percent, you expect it to be worse [than where it was at the beginning of the recession], but it's more than triple where it was at the beginning of the Great Recession."

Obama's liberal policies have failed and Romney's campaign needs to continue to keep the economy and jobs as their focus because when the distractions die down, the economy will still be stalled, unemployment will still be over 8 percent, long-term unemployment will still be triple what it was before Obama took office and labor force participation will still be at the lowest levels since since 1981.

Democrats, liberal media and the Obama campaign will do everything in their power to sidetrack Americans, using race, class warfare, false claims, to avoid having to discuss the disaster Obama's term has been due to his policies despite the first two years he was in office having a Democratically controlled House and Senate to push through those policies, against the opposition of the majority of Americans, such as Obamacare.

As exit polls during the Republican primaries showed time after time, Americans are not that easily distracted and their focus is cemented on the economy.

Mitt Romney needs to continue with his focus, consistently hammering Obama on the economy, jobs and his failed policies. The base will unite behind him more and more now that he is seen as the clear presumptive GOP nominee when other issues arise.

The best advice that can be given to Romney would be to let the conservative base argue, report, fact check, and fight the distraction battles, while he just keeps hammering the issues that will determine the November 2012 presidential election.