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Monday, May 14, 2012

Barack Obama Has A Wall Street Problem and an Honesty Problem

By Susan Duclos

Barack Obama and Wall Street

Starting off we see that American Future Fund, a superPAC,  is spending $3.4 million on a minute long television ad that will be shown in seven general election battlegrounds.

[WATCH the ad]

Obama's Wall Street

Politico puts out a four-page piece explaining "Obama's Wall Street problem."

CNN's Political Ticker headlines with "Group's new ad pegs Obama to Wall Street," which provides more details on the video ad shown above.

In the meantime, Barack Obama's reelection campaign is attacking Mitt Romney's former position at Bain for....... ummmm..... Capitalism?

This line of attack by Obama is being criticized by Obama's former auto czar, Steven Rattner, who seems to agree that the attack against Romney is an attack against capitalism and calling it an "unfair" attack.

"Bain Capital's responsibility was not to create 100,000 jobs or some other number. It was to create profits for its investors," Rattner said.

"It did it superbly well, acting within the rules, acting very responsibly,' Rattner said. "This is part of capitalism, this is part of life. I don't think there's anything Bain Capital did that they need to be embarrassed about."

 [Update] OUCH

Obama's attack ad against Romney already debunked. That certainly didn't take long.

The new Obama ad hits Mitt Romney for the closure of GST Steel after its purchase by Bain Capital, Romney’s former financial firm.

Romney’s departure from Bain: 1999.

GST Bankruptcy Filing and layoffs: 2001. (Dan Margolies, “Shutdown Is End Of An Era,” The Kansas City Star, 2/8/01)
I guess this should be added to PolitiFacts long pages after page after page list of Obama lies.

It is definitely going to be a brutal six months going forward until the November presidential election.

(Headline changed and post updated  to reflect new information)