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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Saturday Political Cartoon and Photo News Linkage

By Susan Duclos

Photo and cartoon credit:  Townhall's Political cartoon pages for the cartoons below which make the world of political news entertaining. Rush Limbaugh for the slideshow version of Julia. Google images.

Starting with cartoonist Glenn Foden who takes on Obama's new campaign slogan "Forward."

The interesting thing about the use of "Forward" by Barack Obama's reelection efforts is the historical way that one-word slogan has been used, specifically in connection to socialist and communist publications.

Googling Forward and socialist publications brings up Wikipedia as well as a number of news stories, and coincidentally, now that team Obama has decided to make it his campaign slogan for 2012, the Wiki page now says "This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia's deletion policy."

 Page title: Forward (generic name of socialist publications)

 Click quick, the historical data they provide might be gone soon!!!! (Screen shot saved just in case)

Vorwärts! (German for 'Forward', with an exclamation point as part of the name) was a revolutionary German emigré publication issued in Paris in the mid-1840s. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were amongst the contributors to the magazine.

Other publications named Forward (in different languages) associated with socialism and communism:

Interestingly, the "Forward" campaign slogan manages to tie in nicely with a couple of other news stories this week.

In bold above you will see Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were amongst the contributors to the Vorwärts! magazine. Those names should be familiar because they are the authors of the 1848 publication "Communist Manifesto."

The reason that is interesting is because the Obama campaign chose today, May 5, to "officially" launch his reelection campaign and it coincidentally is also Karl Marx's birthday.

Socialism and Communism both advocate  public ownership of the means of production, centralized economic planning, and the widespread redistribution of wealth.

Redistribution of wealth and big government are two areas closely associated to Obama's agenda.
 RE: Individual mandate, Obamacare, tax increases etc.....

Related news shows American Crossroads SuperPAC using a parody of Obama's "Forward" in a campaign ad showing the country moving "Backward."

This brings us to another news event from this past week. A fictional character named "Julia". Team Obama created an interactive application to show how the Government, under Obama's vision, would take care of "Julia"  from cradle to grave, (ages 3 to 67) using other people's tax dollars of course.

What could go wrong huh?

Okay, yeah, that, but  it also wasn't the Twitter hashtag #women2012 that team Obama attached to the Julia interactive that grabbed the attention, it was the alternate conservative  hashtag #Julia that started trending across the country.

Needless to say, but I will, conservatives had a blast with the #Julia hashtag, as did the RNC, since the whole Obama-Julia interactive makes the point Republicans have been trying to make since Obama took office. His political policies are socialist in nature where Julia is supported by the government throughout her whole life, using taxpayers money.

I have to thank Obama for handing us so many news stories in one week that managed to tie in together. Forward, Communism, socialism, Julia and the date of his "official" campaign launch.

Other news includes the anniversary of bin Laden's death, where the bin Laden football, which was not going to be spiked, now has been over and over and over and over and over again, turning it from a campaign positive into a campaign negative.

Even liberals opined that the way Obama handled that was "despicable." Navy SEALS and former CIA members also took Obama to task. A "highly lawyered" memo  shows Obama might be spiking bin Laden's head now but he had his butt covered in case of failure, prepared to blame the military if things went wrong.

 Moving right along we saw this last week that the RNC has created their own campaign slogan for Obama's 2012 reelection campaign, which they parody Obama's 2008 "Hope and Change" slogan with "Hype and Blame 2012. Bumper stickers, video campaign ads and a full media blitz.

Happy Saturday reading everyone!!!!