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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eugene Robinson, May I introduce You To Glenn Kessler. BTW, You Both Work For The Same Paper

By Susan Duclos

One would think the two men, Eugene Robinson and Glenn Kessler would know of each other, they both write for the same newspaper, Washington Post...... obviously one would be wrong.

Friday, May 25, 2012, Glenn Kessler, who writes for Washington Post's The Fact Checker, took Jay Carney to task for relying on a analysis from Market Watch, which claimed Barack Obama was not a big spender, did not go on a spending binge over the last three and half years, by providing evidence to the contrary and showing how Obama did, indeed, spend taxpayer money like a drunken sailor.

Kessler gave Carney three Pinocchios and said Carney "should do a better job of checking his facts before accusing reporters of failing to do so."

Kessler's findings were confirmed by other fact checkers, like the Associated Press, as was discussed here at Wake up America, on May 26, 2012.

Three days later, plenty of time for an op-ed writer from the very same newspaper read his own paper, Eugene Robinson fails to do so, and writes a column accusing Mitt Romney of distorting the truth of Obama's spending and Robinson uses the analysis from the very same source that Kessler and the AP already discredited three days before.

Maybe the Washington Post should have a meet-n-greet or something, introduce these two gentlemen, because had they done so, Robinson and Washington Post wouldn't have egg on their face today.

[Update] Hot Air points out the very same thing but points us to ABC News' Jake Tapper, who acknowledges that Obama's campaign is citing an item that "several fact checkers," have already found to be "severely flawed."