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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Convicted Terrorist Brett Kimberlin Threatens Blogger Robert Stacy McCain

By Susan Duclos

[Major Update] May 25, 2012 - "Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day."

Michelle Malkin (thanks for link by the way) explains what this type of coordinated messaging used to be called:

For those of you who are old fogies in the blogosphere, you’ll remember the “blogburst” concept — hundreds of bloggers of all sizes getting together to push an idea or action item. In this case, a blogburst would raise the cost of the online terrorists’ speech-squelching business immensely. It’s a collective show of support and force.

(The update above will also be made into a post of it's own)

Original post below:

Via The Other McCain:

Law enforcement officials have been made aware that convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin appears to be engaged in an attempt to intimidate me into being silent about his sordid criminal history.

Appropriate precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of my family and others who might be endangered if Kimberlin resorts to violence to accomplish his malicious purposes. At the urging of concerned friends, we have vacated our former residence and I am now blogging from a secret location which Kimberlin will be unable to discover or reach. Nevertheless, we sincerely ask for intercessory prayer, that God will send angels to guard us in this grave crisis.

In fact, this crisis is an answer to prayer: My wife and I had been contemplating whether to leave Maryland, and had asked that God would give us a sign. Guess we got what we prayed for — unexpectedly!

Read the rest.  Hit his tip jar.

Quote of the day goes to Instapundit who says " Really? Really? Can this be what it sounds like? Somebody is trying to out-crazy Stacy McCain? That’s not going to end well . . . ."

 More discussion over at Riehl World View, Allergic to Bull, Daily Pundit, The Lonely Conservative, Israel Matzav and The Camp Of The Saints

Aaron Worthing has broken down his original piece into parts explaining how Kimberlin attempted to frame him for a crime. 

[Update] Kimberlin has filed over 100 lawsuits and counting and just filed yet another one against blogger Aaron Worthing aka Walker

[Update] The Conservatory has a nice list of those bringing attention to the dangerous insanity that is Brett Kimberlin.

Who is Brett Kimberlin? The Other McCain has files!!!!