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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Yfrog: Email Upload Feature 'Not Comprised'- Ball Is Back In Weiner's Court

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[Update 6/6/11] More women step forward and more photos published.

Yfrog was the service that the now infamous crotch-shot that Democratic New York Representative Anthony Weiner cannot say with "certitude" is not his, was uploaded to, and it was a Yfrog link that was used on Anthony Weiner's Twitter account that led to the underwear covered crotch-shot.

Weiner claimed his account had been hacked and other liberal bloggers have tried to assert that Yfrog's security was compromised.

Statement from Yfrog:

After confirming that our email upload feature has not been compromised in any way - it is now active again (from 5 pm PST today). We appreciate your patience as we work to assure user safety and security. Please always maintain secure passwords and do not share email secret PINs with anyone. Please contact us at with any questions, if you want your PINs changed or disabled.

Hot Air has more on Yfrog's security measures.

In other words, one cannot upload photos to Yfrog with just a username, as some had alleged. Nor has Yfrog’s e-mail upload system been hacked or compromised. One might suspect from the quick and categorical conclusion to their probe that they may have some fairly convincing evidence of the origin of Rep. Weiner’s tweet and photo. If Weiner really is interested in getting to the bottom of this, he could ask Yfrog to release that information to the public, or at least send investigators to retrieve it and find the culprits.

Ball's back in Weiner's court!!!

[Update] Must Read piece at The Daily, titled "WEINER'S TALE UNRAVELING", sub header "The Daily learns tweet originated from app that pol used the night pic was posted"

What they provide is not proof positive that Weiner did or didn't post that pic himself, but his story and outlandish conspiracy theories are being debunked left and right.

The final paragraph pretty much says it all:

“Here’s the thing that solves it all,” said McCroskey, “for him to call for a criminal investigation. All they have to do is look at his TweetDeck and see if it came from there, see what IP address [it had]. The local police department or Capitol Police could probably figure this out in 15 minutes.”

Yes, that is pretty much what everyone has been saying and the longer Weiner procrastinates and refuses to let the authorities do their job and get that IP, the more guilty Weiner appears.


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