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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Will Rick Perry Take One For The Team And Run For President?

Taking one for the team in a political world usually implies dropping out of a race to unite a party but for Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) it would be the opposite.

It would be putting aside his distaste for the nation's capital and DC's political scene and throwing his hat into the GOP ring to be nominated as the Republican to run against Barack Obama

The Wall Street Journal reports that there are signs indicative of Perry changing his mind about his refusal to run, from his observation that there is a void in the current field to Republican operatives receiving calls from prominent Texas GOP donors seeking advice on how perry could navigate his entry.

Jobs and unemployment numbers seem to be a top concern among American voters, with poll after poll listing it in the top two and some as the number one concern.

That was before unemployment rose to 9.1 this last month.

Perry is positioned well among those that will be using unemployment as one of their guiding factors in the 2012 election and Perry has a track record of creating jobs.

Not only creating them, but his state being the only state in the last decade that has hit 6 digits, times 7.... recent reports show that Texas increased private-sector jobs by 732,800 while no other state even managed 100,00 or more.

That is something that will resonate with voters who are unemployed, have family that is unemployed or know someone struggling to find a job to support themselves.

While other factors always come into play in any presidential election, usually those who hold one specific issue as their number one concern will generally rally behind the person best equipped to deal with that top concern.

This gives Perry the edge among GOP candidates as well as against Barack Obama since Obama's track record in job recovery over the last 2 1/2 years is dismal at best.

Other top issues such as the economy and deficit are also showing Obama tanking in the polls. What do you expect when a president is responsible for tripling the deficit in such a short time?

Perry knows his track record, he knows unemployment is going to be huge in the 2012 election, he knows Obama's failed to address the job recovery issue with anything more than same-old same-old Democratic politics which has stifled growth and Perry knows this country needs a candidate that can run against Obama and win.

Hopefully Governor Perry will be willing to take one for the team here because he is uniquely qualified.

[Update] Perry "leaning toward" running?

After RealClearPolitics first reported last month that aides to Texas Gov. Rick Perry have been putting out feelers for a presidential bid, many pundits dismissed the prospects of Perry following through, noting that his top political aides were already working for Newt Gingrich's campaign.

Those aides have now resigned from Gingrich's presidential effort, and Perry has admitted publicly that he is actively considering a White House run.

More from The Politico on Gingrich top staff quitting en masse.

I hope Perry announces one way or another, soon!.

[Update] Ok, for those not getting the connection between the potential Perry run and the Newt Gingrich update. The WSJ link at the top said "Should he run, Mr. Perry would first have to overcome an organizational hurdle. Assured that he wasn't running, his two top campaign aides, Mr. Carney and former campaign manager Rob Johnson, both signed up with Mr. Gingrich, the former House speaker."

Now we see from The Politico, that Rob Johnson and strategists Sam Dawson and Dave Carney are two of the people that resigned from the Gingrich campaign.

See the connection now?