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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Breitbart Crashes Liberal Bitchfest: 'Did I hire you to prove my point about Netroots nuts?'

Too funny. Hysterical even. What do you get when you have hundredsof far left liberal angry progressives gathered in one place and Andrew Breitbart walks in the door? Especially right after publishing photos of Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner's unsolicited dick pics to unsuspecting women and some suspecting women. Weiner was ultimately forced to resign.


Weigel provides the Breithbart quote asking a guy "Did I hire you to prove my point about Netroots nuts? Weigel also shows one of the videos being seen around the web:

Downhill from there. Clayton asked Breitbart about a man who harassed two Muslim women in the city last night and claimed to be contacting Breitbart for help. (I've seen video of part of the incident, but all evidence suggests the guy was just bluffing.)

"Who is this person?" asked Breitbart. "You're a great reporter. Who is this person? Your journalism is vitriol! You can't even tell me who the person is."

"Have you kicked the cocaine habit?" asked Clayton.

"Did I hire you to prove my point about Netroots nuts?"

Video below:

Gateway Pundit provides other videos of Breitbart being "gang-rushed" by those oh-so-calm liberals (SNARK!!!).

Stacy McCain got a four minute interview with Breitbart, head over and see that.

I will say, Andrew Breitbart knows how to make an entrance and is overly capable of publicly showing the far left liberals losing their minds, ON VIDEO!!!!

Kudos Andrew!!

PS- The Right Scoop has the Right Online Conference 2011 Breitbart speech up on video.