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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anthony Weiner Will Resign- UPDATE- 'Goodbye Pervert' Member of Crowd Yells- VIDEO Added

[Final Update] Video below- Crowd heckles, cheers and screams out things like "are you 7 inches?," Goodbye, Pervert" and more.

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[Update] I'll put the video up when it becomes available, but watching Weiner announcing his resignation I see members of the crowd screaming things like "Goodbye, Pervert!!" [End Update]

[Update] RCP has the video, will still add it here when an embedded version comes online. [End Update]

Original post below-

Weiner is expected to make his resignation official in a statement to the press at 2 p.m. at a senior center in Brooklyn.

After refusing to resign from Congress the day Democratic New York Representative Anthony Weiner confessed to online inappropriate conduct with multiple women, including sexting, sexual private messages and a range of photos from naked chest shots to full out dick pics, it looks like Weiner is finally heeding calls from Republicans and Democrats alike and it is being reporting he will finally resign his seat in Congress.

Following the original scandal it was also reported that Democrats were possibly stripping his committee seats, he encouraged one woman to lie about their communications, had private online contact with a minor (not sexual but investigated by police) and that his wife finally returned home after the nearly three week controversy rocked Weiner's world.

Weiner could have saved himself and his wife much humiliation had he resigned the day he issued his confession that the photos and reports were all true and he wasn't hacked (as he originally lied to the public about) but had indeed sent out the lewd photos himself.

Had he done so there probably still would have been sporadic reports when new information or photos emerged, it would not have been the constant firestorm that the last few weeks of straight Weiner news has been around the Internet and in the media.

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