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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Altercation: Who Approached Who?

NRO provides more details into the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court saga where a female Justice Ann Walsh Bradley charged Justice David Prosser with "choking" her and other witnesses in attendance claim she went at Prosser with "fist raised" and he did nothing more than push her away.

Here are some questions to ask all the eye witnesses: Who approached who? Who got into who's personal space? Who provoked any type of physicality?

Who was the provocateur?

If it was Prosser the next question is very relevant. If it was Bradley, the next question is already answered.

The followup questions would then turn to, why leak it to the press (George Soros–funded Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism) instead of filing charges with authorities?


Alternate Headline Of Bradley/Prosser Justice War: 'She charged him with fists raised'