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Friday, June 10, 2011

Media Guarantees Sarah Palin Is Top Of The News Again

Once again Sarah Palin is the darling of the news, top trending story and headlining every major newspaper without having to do a thing but smile pretty. They love keeping her right out in front, guaranteeing her all the free publicity she could hope for without her having to say a word.

In case you didn't hear, Alaska has released over 20,000 Sarah Palin emails and media outlets aka lame stream media, such as New York Times and Washington Post has begged their readers to go through all the emails and do their investigative reporting for them.

Palin adviser and Sarah PAC Treasurer Tim Crawford, understanding that publicity is the name of the game even when it isn't self-induced, is encouraging "everyone" to please help out and read the emails, reports Conservatives4Palin.

“The thousands upon thousands of emails released today show a very engaged Governor Sarah Palin being the CEO of her state,” Sarah PAC Treasurer Tim Crawford said in a statement. “The emails detail a Governor hard at work. Everyone should read them.”

Twitter is aflutter with snark, like from Sister Toldjah who says "I'm shocked to learn 's emails show a reprehensible lack of retired terrorists among her friends." Sjsturkie has some snark of their own with " RT RT : BREAKING: Emails prove Palin did not start her career in a domestic terrorist's living room!."

Guess this isn't turning out quite the way Wapo and NYT wanted it to because looking through discussions, I see they are the butt of a lot of jokes right now as well as some discussing their questionable behavior.

Palin should really buy these folks some fruit baskets to thank them for all the free publicity ahead of the nationwide release of her film.

Since we are already talking about Palin, below is a nice 3 minute video of Palin and news coverage as well as citizen commentary about Palin's One Nation Tour.

More Twitter snark:

Twitter's #Palinemails is pretty entertaining to watch as well, with more snark from who says "HT : BREAKING: Emails show Palin did not buy her house from criminal Tony Rezko. "

points out that "Look on the bright side. Sarah Palin's emails have created more jobs than Obama all of last month.

makes a very good point saying "rt BREAKING: Emails prove Sarah Palin never stood ON the American Flag nor were her friends bomb throwing terrorists "

has a decent question when she asks "Could MSM put 1/2 this effort into finding obamas college records? "

Last but not least here then you can head over to #Palinemails yourself to see the trending firestorm of tweets, we have who tweets " Show she never attended anti-American and anti-Semite Reverend Wright's church. ."

Palin has got to be thinking right about now "God, it is good to be me."