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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Devastating News For Obama: Approval Tanks, Misery Up, Scholar Talks Impeachment And More

A series of reported bad news items for Barack Obama this week, following a very bad month of similar news. Obama's bounce from the death of bin Laden is gone according to Gallup.

Via Rasmussen shows Obama's Presidential Approval Index rating of -19 with 23 percent strongly approving and 42 percent strongly disapproving with the overall numbers being 54 percent somewhat disapprove and only 45 percent somewhat approve.

Both polling organizations find that Obama drop is largely from Independents, which will be one of the blocs that determine the 2012 presidential election.

Gallup, in separate news, also finds that Americans' satisfaction with the way things are going in the country fell to 20 percent in early June from 26% at the start of May with 78 percent of Americans dissatisfied with the direction the nation is heading.

Investors Business Daily reports the Misery Index is climbing as well as showing;

***Federal outlays have risen more than 25% since Obama took office

***Annual deficits, meanwhile, have topped $1 trillion every year since Obama took office.

***Gross federal debt has climbed more than a third under Obama, topping $14 trillion. His budget plan puts it on a course to reach $20 trillion by 2016.

***The Fed has acted as the Democrat's big-spending enabler by buying hundreds of billions in Treasury debt through its quantitative easing programs — and in so doing, sowing more seeds of inflation.

Obama may not need any more bad news but he has it with CNS reporting that a Constitutional Scholar believes that Obama's taking the U.S. into war, without Congressional approval, a war that is costing almost $9.5 million every single day and Obama's violation of the War Powers Resolution as well as his claim that the WPA isn't relevant to our military involvement in Libya, is an impeachable offense.

Yesterday it was reported that a bipartisan group of House members have filed suit against Barack Obama over Libya as well. Kucinich leading the charge.

The hits keep coming and Investors Business Daily believes Obama is "beatable, and he knows it".

Not only does he know it now, but Ace reminds everyone, via video, that in 2009 Barack Obama even predicted his downfall:

"Flashback, Obama 2009: I'll Be a One-Term President If I Don't Fix This Economy In Three Years; I Will Be Held "Accountable".

Barack Obama does have one thing going for him and it is also the one thing that can guarantee his loss in 2012. 17 Months left until the 2012 presidential election.

He can admit his policies have failed and "change" course by lifting regulations, massively cut spending instead of publicly battling Republicans on it, spur job growth by assuring stability to job creators and quit threatening them constantly with higher taxes.... or he can continue down the path he has been going on and hand the election over to the Republicans.

It all depends on whether Obama thinks his base can reelect him alone or whether he understands he needs more than the 20-22 percent of the population that call themselves liberal.