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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Competing POVs By Two Pundits: Sarah Palin Has To Run. No She Doesn't

Tammy Bruce makes an excellent argument for why she feels Sarah Palin must compete for the GOP nomination for the 2012 presidential election.

Bruce's arguments are compelling, logical and stated eloquently. I agree with many of her points, in fact most of them and believe that a Palin run would be advantageous to the GOP as a whole in the long run. I also agree that if Palin ran and was not nominated as the GOP candidate in the end, then it would be the voter's choice and not a herding of candidates meant to push voters into choosing the "annointed one".

On the other side of the argument, from another Palin fan, Jimmie at Sundries Shack, does not agree that Palin has to run, although states "For the record, I really want to see Palin in the race, officially and with her full attention."

Both make good points. Both should be read in full.

So, happy reading.

For the record I would like to see Sarah Palin run as well. I am not sure I would vote for her, it is too early for me to make that decision. I am not sure she would win the GOP nomination but I think she has as much of a chance as any of the 7 from last night's debate.

I do think the unreasonable, unprecedented attacks against Palin and whole family by the mainstream media and the liberal left would unite conservatives and independents like nothing else could.

No other candidate is so feared, so reviled by the far left progressive liberal pundits and no other candidate brings out their deep seated hate-filled souls as Sarah Palin does for the whole world to see.

Palin highlights their ugliness with nothing more than her existence.