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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Term Obama's Tanked Popularity

It didn't even take a full four-year term for Barack Obama to lose his novelty to American voters.

A Twofer today with Obama admitting that there are days "where I say that one term is enough."

Some of us would say that one term is too much after seeing what Obama has done to our economy, unemployment (9.1 percent), deficit, healthcare... need I go on?

The second part of the twofer is that it isn't just conservatives that have noticed Obama's failures, seems those overwhelming crowds that used to flock to his appearances and fundraisers, simply aren't showing up anymore.

The largest fundraiser had a disappointing turnout. Politico reported that only 980 tickets were sold for the event at the 2,200 seat Adrienne Arsht Center. The upper level of the center was completely empty, the second and third levels only partially full, according to Politico.

The fact that the fundraiser in question was in Florida and Florida’s 10.8 percent unemployment rate is far higher than the national average, might have something to do with the fact that Floridians are not exactly pleased with Barack Obama right now.

NewsBusters points out that The Politico and an ABC blog were the only ones to bother mentioning Obama's "politically embarrassing situation."

It virtually goes without saying that a similar underwhelming appearance by an incumbent Republican or conservative president would have received much wider notice. The lack of coverage beyond the Politico and ABC's blogs is very telling. Apparently, there are some stories deemed not to deserve wide distribution; the president's half-empty fundraiser would appear to be one of them. It's likely because, as Thomas Lifson at the American Thinker noted, "There is no way to recapture the magic of his first campaign for the presidency precisely because it was built on a manufactured image of hope entirely lacking in substance."

As far as the establishment press is concerned, the nation's relatively disengaged news consumers can't be allowed to reach that conclusion.

Not finding any photos of the empty seats or sparse crowds either. Were photographers not allowed in or is the media establishment not wanting to let their readers visually see Obama's lacking crowds?