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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Video- Bill Maher And Jane Lynch Read Anthony Weiner Messages Aloud On Real Times

Too funny!! I am not usually a Bill Maher fan, but this right here is funny. Video below from MediaIte.

No commentary can makes this funnier, so have fun!

[Update- 6/12/11] I am tired of giving this guy his own posts and want to skip a Weiner's weiner day, so as an update to this post, Weiner is now going for treatment for his online behavior, being called on by top Democratic leadership to resign and is taking a leave of absence from the House (probably doesn't want to face all those people screaming for his resignation)

Also see "PICKET: Weiner constituents hold rally demanding Weiner to resign"

There ya go, a miniature weinerfest of Weiner news without a whole post dedicated to it. My personal Weiner vacation.

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