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Friday, June 17, 2011

Hustler's Publisher, Larry Flynt, Makes Anthony Weiner A Job Offer

Anthony Weiner who just resigned publicly, amid heckler's, cheers and rude comments at his presser yesterday, the Democratic Congressman from New York (Note to Reuters- you need new headline writers since you headlined with Weiner as a Republican)has been offered a new job by Hustler Magazine's publisher, Larry Flynt:

This offer is not made in jest. To show our sincerity, Flynt Management Group, LLC is willing to pay twenty percent more than your former Congressional salary, ensuring that your medical benefits would be equal to what you were previously receiving. While you will have to relocate to our corporate offices in Beverly Hills, California, we would pay for all relocation costs.

Again, I cannot emphasize enough the genuineness of this offer. We are a serious corporation which, as you know, has been heavily involved in the political environment of this country for over thirty-five years. Our key missions have consistently included the crucial fight of battling hypocrisy within the federal and state governments. Flynt Management Group, LLC and Hustler Magazine have been dedicated to decades of serious political commentary. Just as we do not undertake insincere political crusades, we do not make insincere job offers.

Now perhaps Barbara Walters can breathe a sigh of relief since she expressed so much concern about Weiner's future since he has "never had another job".

I seriously doubt Weiner's wife would appreciate her husband working for Flynt, but hey, a paycheck is a paycheck right?