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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

“Standing with Indiana” Petition Against Obama Administration's Bully Tactics

H/T Hot Air for pointing to the video below and the I stand with Indiana petition.

Ed Morrissey explains what the petition is about.

Indiana recently stripped the nation’s largest abortion chain store from receiving Medicaid funding, a decision that has the Obama administration fuming. The White House has threatened to hold $4.2 billion in federal Medicaid funds from Indiana unless it restores Planned Parenthood as a Medicaid provider, claiming — as does Planned Parenthood’s national leadership — that the decision leaves women without reliable gynecological care. Is that true? Live Action Films made phone calls to PP clinics across the state, and as it turns out, even Planned Parenthood admits that women can find that care easily in their communities:

He also points readers to Live Action’s fact-check of Planned Parenthood’s claims in Indiana.

Read the entire Hot Air piece, follow the links, read up and determine if you stand with Indiana in defunding Planned Parenthood, if you do, please sign the petition.