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Monday, June 27, 2011

New York Politics: Mike Bloomberg Vs Andrew Cuomo

New York Post editorial teaser:

Cuomo's first six months yielded:

* A budget that actually cut spending -- and plugged a $10 billion gap without tax hikes or new debt.

* The first statutory ceiling on property-tax hikes in New York history.

* A three-year wage freeze from the union that represents about a third of all state employees.

* New ethics rules that, despite loopholes, will boost transparency in Albany.

Not a bad start.

And Bloomberg?


The budget he forged last week hikes spending by another $2.5 billion (nearly 4 percent) -- even as the city faces massive budget gaps in coming years.

The 4,100 teacher layoffs he'd been threatening for months?

Bluff bait. Forget about it.

Read the whole thing.