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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obama Still Hitting New Polling 'Lows' On Economy

According to the latest McClatchy-Marist poll, despite 50 percent of voters having a favorable impression of Obama with 44 percent having an unfavorable impression, and a majority believing Obama inherited the problems, 58 percent of voters disapprove of Obama's handling of the economy with only 37 percent of voters approving.

So, voters like Obama personally, they understand he inherited the problem but they are unhappy with how he has handled the problem.


Independents- 60 percent disapprove of Obama on economy
Republicans- 91 percent disapprove of Obama on economy
Democrats- 31 percent of Democrats disapprove of Obama on economy

Other findings show that more disapprove of the job Obama is doing (47%) than approve (45%) and 61 percent of the voters disapprove of how Obama is handling the budget deficit.

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Much of this discontent stems from Washington Democrats’ reliance on failed ‘stimulus’ policies over responsible, long-term solutions to address the key cost-of-living issues facing families and small businesses:

Democrats who run Washington


High gas prices

No plan.

Republicans’ American Energy Initiative is focused on stopping government policies that drive up energy prices and removing barriers to job-creating energy production.

Skyrocketing health care costs

No plan.

Republicans have voted to repeal the job-crushing health care law, and are working to replace it with common-sense reforms to lower costs and protect jobs.

Cost of creating jobs

No plan.

Republicans’ Plan for America’s Job Creators builds on the Pledge to America with measures designed to get government out of the way so our economy can get back to creating jobs.

Cost of government

No plan.

Republicans’ Path to Prosperity budget
pays down our debt over time and lays the foundation for long-term private-sector job growth.