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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Liberal Media Hoisted By Their Own Petard On Sarah Palin Emails

The Telegraph explains how the media frenzy and their pleas for readers to search the email dump of over 24,000 Sarah Palin emails from when she was Governor of Alaska, backfired on what Palin refers to as the "lame stream media".

One can only assume that the Left-leaning editors who dispatched teams of reporters to remote Juneau, the Alaskan capital, to pore over the emails in the hope of digging up a scandal are now viewing the result as a rather poor return on their considerable investment.

If anything, Mrs Palin seems likely to emerge from the scrutiny of the 24,000 pages, contained in six boxes and weighing 275 pounds, with her reputation considerably enhanced. As a blogger at Powerline noted, the whole saga might come to be viewed as “an embarrassment for legacy media”.

It gets worse for the media outlets that were so enamored with the idea of finding dirt on Palin, then finding none.

Sites that support Palin, such as Conservatives4Palin are now highlighting her accomplishments, her style of running Alaska, using the very same methods the NYT, Wapo and other media attempted.

Asking their readers to go through the emails and gathering links and whole excerpts to archive which show an on-hands, smart leader.

The difference is, where the media was looking for a bombshell to make Palin look bad and failed and have admitted there was no bombshell, Conservatives4Palin's efforts are showing considerable results.

The media is cherry-picking small excerpts to highlight, but they are leaving the bulk of the 24,199 pages out of their reports. That’s where you come in…

We need to gather links from the email database that prove what kind of leader Governor Palin really is. We need to find the stuff the media doesn’t want the public to know about. We want to show the stuff they aren’t reporting but is still available online. The media wanted to “expose” what kind of executive Governor Palin was while in office… So, let us oblige them! We need your help collecting and archiving excerpts.

It is always entertaining to see the liberal media outlets hoisted by their own petard.