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Monday, June 06, 2011


(All newer Weinergate posts can be found on one page here)

(Reason, Hit & Run "the screencap no representative (or their significant other) wants to see")

The details of today are at my two previous posts here and here, but this one announcing that Andrew Breitbart has been vindicated deserves it's own post.

Anthony Weiner after a day of dribbled photos he sent to as many as 6 women over the last few years, before he was married and after, has now admitted that everything reported by Breitbart was true.

The original crotch shot that Weiner denied sending... yup, he admits sending it now. The photos Breitbart published today.. yup, he admits sending them. He also admits there are more out there and probably far more graphic.

He was responsible for it all and he lied to try to get out of it and was willing to let Andrew Breibart be accused of falsifying photos, hacking, lying and a bunch of others things by Weiner supporters and members of the left blogosphere, like the writer of Cannonfire just to name one.

He apologized and was forced to list Breitbart among the other media he was apologizing to but so far, those that tried to destroy Breitbart with false accusations... not running to their computers to say sorry.

I can't really say with "certitude" if they will ever get around to it or not either.

Some may, we will see.

In the meantime, thank you Andrew Breitbart for staying with the story and for forcing Weiner to admit he publicly lied for over a week to his family, friends, constituents, supporters and the media.

More at CNN, City Room , The Politico... More to come via media, still waiting on the Breitbart accusers though....

[Update] Andrew Breitbart answers question before the media prior to Anthony Weiner taking the podium for his press conference. Video below.

“Andrew, would you go to the podium?” WCBS reporter Marcia Kramer, who just days earlier was threatened with arrest when she staked out Weiner’s congressional office in Washington, asked.

After a few requests, he agreed. Breitbart questioned whether Weiner was paying to rent the ballroom, and said it was perhaps not wrong to take the podium in that case. But he went up anyway.

Next, Weiner's presser, video below.