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Monday, June 06, 2011

After Stimulus Plan Fails, Democrats Want....... Another Stimulus Plan

(H/T Gateway Pundit for graph)

Generally when something has failed, big time, logical prevails and they try something else and continue to do so until they find something that works.

Not the looney left though, noooooooooooooooo.

Obama and Democrats $787 billion plus economic stimulus package failed to create a net increase of jobs, put a band-aid on the gushing wound that is our economy, then claimed that because it hindered the sight of massive blood loss it was somehow working.

Newsflash- The economic stimulus plan failed, ended up with a net decrease of jobs, to the tune of about 500,000. Unemployment is on the rise (9.1 percent again), housing is on the decline, foreclosures are on the rise, the dollar on the decline. Our country is going bankrupt at an alarming pace. Dow has plunged into the longest weekly losing streak since 2004. CBS reports that chronic unemployment is worse than the Great Depression.

Here is something to think about:

The majority of states considered red, run by Republican elected officials have seen an increase in jobs and over the last decade and all together come out on the plus side.

The majority of blue states, run by Democratic elected officials, have seen a decrease in jobs over the last decade and all together have suffered over 2 million private-sector job losses.

Republicans have a job creation plan which include, but is not limited to;

Empowering Small Business Owners and Reducing Regulatory Burdens, Fixing the Tax Code to Help Job Creators, Increasing Competitiveness for American Manufacturers, Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Growth, Maximizing Domestic Energy Production to Ensure An Energy Policy for the Twenty-First Century and Paying Down America’s Unsustainable Debt Burden and Start Living Within Our Means.

Democrats have a plan too...... spend more.

House Democrats this week have amplified their calls for new spending on infrastructure and other federal projects in the face of May's discouraging job-creation figures.

Even as Republicans are insisting on "trillions" of dollars in spending cuts, Democrats maintain that a targeted injection of additional federal dollars in the near-term would go a long way toward reversing the hiring slump. Friday's disappointing job report, they say, only bolsters their case.

I used to think that the "tax and spend" label given to the Democrats was just that, a label. I see now that it is actually their identifying marker, there is no problem that throwing more taxpayer money at, money we don't have for the record, cannot fix according to Democrats. There is no tax that is a bad tax to cover all their reckless spending.

Does Keynesian Economics Really Work? Short answer, NO.

Let me tell you something else that has failed just as spectacularly as the economic stimulus package...... the Barack Obama experiment.

It is time to put someone in the White House, anyone at this point, that will start undoing the damage this man has done to our economy and our out-of-control deficit.