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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Will there be a "new" bin Laden video on 9/11?

[Update below]

Will the video that is being talked about, due to be released in 72 hours, be a new video or a regurgitated video with the proof of life portions dubbed in as The Jawa Report thinks?

Is this the "gift" we have been promised?

The Jawa Report also brings us copies of the page, which has been removed that originally announced this video.

Hot Air puts the two pictures of bin Laden up one on top of the other and as "proof of life" it isn't very compelling.

Do I sound flippant?

Yup, I do and let me tell you why.

First off, bin Laden is the leader, a figurehead, of a group of brutal murderers, but he isn't the ones shooting our troops, he isn't the one setting off road side bombs or car bombs that have been killing hundreds of innocent human beings in Iraq and he isn't the one who is personally planning unsuccessful attacks (example, the latest foiled plot in Germany).

bin Laden, IF alive, is an old, sick man that is being called a "leader". Why? Because after 9/11, he issued a statement claiming responsibility.

Make no mistake, al-Qaeda carried out a devastating attack against America on 9/11/01, but bin Laden wasn't on those planes that day.

Would it be a coup to capture or kill bin Laden? Hell yes.

Would it stop al-Qaeda and make the war on terror be over? NOPE.

If we capture him, he becomes a martyr for the "cause", or Jihad.

If we kill him, he becomes a martyr for the "cause", or Jihad.

If he stays on the run he stays a man who is hiding, maybe in cave somewhere. A coward. Nothing more than a figurehead.

Personally, although I would love to see him killed or captured, I rather we be killing the men that are killing our troops, that are killing innocent civilians in Iraq, that are killing innocents in Afghanistan and who are plotting to kill us here at home.

So after foiled plots, by people who pledge allegiance to bin Laden OR share his ideology, in London with the airlines back in August of 2006, the Denmark foiled plot last week, the German one the other day, the car bombs in the UK that failed, after showing the disorganization and utter incompetence, he is going to make a statement on 9/11/07.... BIG FREAKING DEAL.

bin Laden has not been seen since 2004 and even after this supposed "new" video is released, it will have to be gone through and any portions that deal with recent events will have to verified as to not having been dubbed or altered.

Anyone think his message will be something new? Something we haven't seen before?


He will spew on with his rhetoric that means nothing except that a video is the only way they have to try to affect the success we have had running them to ground in Iraq and elsewhere.

Fat chance.

In the meantime the far left play right into this rhetoric driven plan by coming up with?

Thats right......CONSPIRACY THEORIES. (Twilight music plays here)Even better the left will play into al-Qaeda's hands by wondering, why haven't we spent more time searching caves for this old, sick man instead of fighting the men with actual guns and bombs!!!!!

In all seriousness, I understand that for all the failed, foiled plots of late, some imbecile can get lucky and carry out an attack, the danger is there, we know it, but it certainly won't be carried out by bin Laden himself.

That coward is too busy hiding under a rock like the cockroach he is, and dying his beard, IF he is still alive, otherwise someone is photoshopping his beard.

So, in 72 hours, if you are in a crowded place, or the airport and you happen to have your computer with you... how about waiting until you get home to hunt the "new" bin Laden video and keep your eye out around you, because I assure you, if and that is a big IF, someone tries to attack on 9/11, it certainly won't be coming out of your computer from a video of an old man with a bad dye job.

For the record, to all the media outlets covering this..... ya'll know you are doing his bidding? He and/or just al-Qaeda wants all the attention they can get to distract from the incompetence shown with all the recent failed attacks.

Makes one wonder where simple, basic common sense has gone these days.


Take Our Country Back and Stop the ACLU are also discussing this, so head over and have a read.

[Update] The White House has a copy and is analyzing the video and The Blotter is reporting that "Officials" believe it is authentic.

Notice I am just updating this thread. bin Laden isn't worth opening another one. [End Update]

ABC has provided the PDF file for the transcript of the new bin Laden video.

WOW, after reading the transcript, bin Laden is getting ALL his talking points from the Democrats in our own country. How many times have we said "they are listening to us", they are "emboldened by our Democratic politicians"... well, its GOOD to be right again!!!!!!!!!

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