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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Democrats are Iraq's Tokyo Rose

Excuse the double posting, renaming isn't easy on blogspot. LOL (newbie mistake)

The Democrats and the elite left wing media have become the
Tokyo Rose of the Iraq war.

Below you will find the truth about Iraq in the words of the soldiers and links to letters from our soldiers in Iraq. Read them and understand the lies you are being told by those with ulterior motives. Like Politics. The end is Part #9 of Good News From Iraq series.

Every time a Democratic candidate or the media report that the "war in Iraq cannot be won", they are insulting the troops on the ground that fight every single day in a battle they DO think they can win. They are telling these brave men and women who are our soldiers that they do not believe in their capabilities nor do they believe the soldiers own words when they say they ARE winning this war in Iraq.

Every time the politicians claim that Iraq is a "failed policy" they are telling our troops that they are failing and that every sacrifice is in vain.

What Tokyo Rose could not accomplish, because they American soldiers KNEW she was lying about what their country felt, the left media and the democratic candidates and party are accomplishing, because they ARE Americans who are belittling our troops and our soldiers know it.

This campaign of the elite media and Democratic party to demoralize and insult our troops, by insulting their president, their Commander in Chief, the man they look up to as their ultimate superior.

Because the media only publicizes the bad and the death and continue to ignore the good news that comes from Iraq which I show in "Good News From Iraq Parts #1- Part #8", our soldiers, in this day and age of the internet, know that their stories are not being told. Their words are being ignored by the American people, ignored by the media and ignored by the Democratic party, for political purposes.

The Democratic party is using our soldiers as pawns in their political games and our troops know it. The Democratic party and the left media ARE Iraq's "Tokyo Rose."

For those of you who do not know who Tokyo Rose is:
During World War II, American soldiers dubbed the female broadcasters on Japanese radio, "Tokyo Rose." It was a name invented by the soldiers -- U.S. government research never found evidence of a person named Tokyo Rose in radio programs anywhere in the Pacific. The voice of Tokyo Rose was said to have taunted Allied forces during the war, hurting morale.

One of her jobs was as a typist for Radio Tokyo. There she met American and Australian prisoners of war who were being forced to broadcast radio propaganda. Toguri scavenged black-market food, medicine, and supplies for these POWs. When Radio Tokyo wanted a female voice for their propaganda shows, the POWs selected Toguri. She was one of many female, English-speaking voices on Radio Tokyo, and she took the radio name of "Orphan Ann." Her POW friends wrote her scripts and tried to sneak in pro-American messages whenever possible.

As Tokyo Rose was forced to demoralize our troops in World War II, the left now demoralizes our troops in Iraq. The difference between the two is Tokyo Rose was forced to do it, the Democratic party does it willingly for political gain.

Tokyo Rose was tried for treason, the Democrats and left media will not be for one reason, because these soldiers that fight every day and give their lives in the name of freedom, give the Democrats and the media the RIGHT to spit on their fallen soldiers graves, they fight to give them the right to spit on them. They fight, in some cases to the death so the Americans MAY have the freedom of speech as well as other liberties.

These men and women, these brave soldiers volunteer to join the service, they volunteer to go fight a war THEY believe in, and we, as a people should back them and be united in that support. The Democrats party strives to divide the country, knowing full well that this is the goal of our enemy. What does that make them?

That makes them ungrateful to our soldiers and willing allies of our enemy, they take advantage of the freedom and the rights that our soldiers fight to protect for them, in order to use those rights against the very men and women that die to protect that very right.

Ironic isn't it?

Letters From Our Soldiers in Iraq... The truth of Iraq from our brave military on the ground.

As for my team, we will be here until the end of the year. There are 5 males and I am the only female. Two of the males are quite young. They arrived straight from school and deployed, the others are seasoned service members. Cards and notes of encouragement would be appreciated to keep these fine soldiers going especially the two privates. But it doesn't matter how many times you have been deployed knowing you have support at home helps. We are happy to serve. We know our mission is very important to keeping America safe.
Captain ..
218 the Medical Detachment

I know the thought of my children being safe and not living in fear of threats or attacks is what keeps me going. We will not let America down. Thanks you again for your support.

August 17, 2006

Chris and crew:
Thanks for the bags and bags of letters your organization sent to my crew. Opening them reminded me of Christmas a bit. We knew there were presents inside from people who love us. .
My sincerest appreciation. Thanks for taking the time to show these brave men and women out here you care.
Very Respectfully

First, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and my soldiers in Iraq. We recently received a box from you and enjoyed it. We will not return home till October 2006. I would love to be included in the July 30th Tie a yellow Ribbon Until they all come home campaign. We are a total of 6 soldiers, 3 girls and 3 boy. We would love a letter from home. The address is as follow in the bottom. Thanks again.
SGT Sally

There are so many more letters from our Soldiers, they are there, they KNOW they are needed, they understand the stakes and that by being triumphant in Iraq, they are making us safer here in America.

Today, I saw that Saudi Arabia is considering allowing women to vote in the next elections. The Lebanese are ousting Syria from Lebanon. The Iranians under 30 relate more with the US than with their own leaders according to one study. Maybe change in the world only requires the courage to try. I would like to think that those of us here, those who have been here and those who support us have set an example for others.
Randy, 2005

Usually, the Sheikh would have a breakfast for us consisting of an Iraqi omelet with grapes, pears bread and other fruits and vegetables. We were back on base by noon with a wonderful feeling. We made a connection with those Iraqi people and showed them the generosity of the American people and the humanity of our soldiers. These missions were only one of many happening all over Iraq every week. Because of these missions and our efforts to touch the lives of the Iraqi people, we were not surprised by the voter turnout. Our soldiers and those supporting us from home really have and will continue to make a difference here in Iraq.
Randy, 2005

We are making are making steady progress that is not reported on the “Nightly News. The differences are a progressive trend of small steps and symbolizing of the irreversible momentum towards freedom and elections for the Iraqi people. In five months of operations, the 30th BCT has completed 186 projects. Another 43 projects are in currently progress, with more in the planning phase. All total, we have disbursed over $2.1 Million dollars to local Iraqi contractors for projects in support the Iraqi people. The projects generally fall into the area of Civil-Military Operations. They are categorized into different functional areas including Economic Development, Public Works/Infrastructure, Public Health, Transportation, Education, Local Government, Cultural, and Security. Another positive result of the projects is that we are providing jobs and opportunities for the Iraqi people. Some of the typical projects funded and managed by 30th BCT are described below.

Unfortunately from these words, we see the soldiers KNOW that the news is NOT telling the truth nor the whole story and they wish the people of America to know the truth and they have known this since 2004, yet they still fight to protect these ingrates as well as the American people that DO support our troops.

Full Letter here.

While we have focused a lot of energy on quality of life, we have also started doing what we came here to do – conducting combat and stabilization operations. Despite all the dire news coming from Iraq, we are settling into a routine. We are working closely with Iraqi Security Forces and have already captured numerous prisoners ranging from terrorists to smugglers. In addition, we have discovered several large weapons caches with thousands of shells that will no longer be available to the enemy. While this work exposes soldiers to a certain amount of danger, each successful mission improves our safety and takes us closer to our goal of creating a better environment for the Iraqi people. We are fortunate to have the cooperation of the Iraqi Security Forces. They are strong allies in accomplishing our mission and our goal is to eventually turn all security issues over to them so that we can return to our families, homes, and jobs. In the meantime, I remain dedicated to ensuring the safety of our men and women. I enlist and appreciate your many kind thoughts and prayers and will report to you again very soon.

Full Letter here.

Words From Iraq:

David Bellavia, a blogger at Vets For Freedom who spent some time with a MiTT (Military Transition Team) in the crucial battleground of Ramadi, has this to say:

This is amazing. I have not spoken to wade in three days. And I have to return this laptop to its owner in two mintues.The Iraqi army is taking real estate from the enemy. Seeing these men in action is amazing. The people of Ramadi trust them. They give them bread and tea. Kids are playing soccer and riding donkeys in the street. The unit I am with (1st Iraqi division) is the oldest of the Iraqi army units. They have literally fought in every named and unnamed operation in Iraq. From Sadri City, Najaf, Fallujah, Haditha, Baghdad.. you name it. It is unbelievable. This unit has been bloodied... but more impressively they have bloodied the enemy 10 to 1. They drive their own Humvees, conduct their own patrols and plan their invidual movements.

I am warmed to see that the future of Iraq is not only in trusted hands, but their lethality and their relationships with the locals proves to me that there is a bright future forcompetentant hand over of all military combat operations in the future.

There is loss being taken in Ramadi. THe enemy's days of confidence in this city are over. I can't tell you what seeing this mission first hand has meant to me. What a great experience. What a great Army.

As a veteran of the Nov 2004 offensive in Fallujah I can tell you that Ramadi today is no Fallujah. Ramadi today is not even Ramadi of two months ago. For the first time in this war in Iraq I see leadership on the ground that understands a counterinsugency. The plan from the x's and o's down to the trigger pulling grunt is simple, it's about the people of Ramadi. Win the people and the insurgents have no safe haven.

When I got on the ground in Ramadi the Iraqi 1st Division of the IA advised by MiTT (Military Transition Teams) teams consisting of 5 Americans per battalion, had already moved the lines almost 2 km closer to East Ramadi. The MiTT's responsibilty is different than their predecessors in Vietnam. When the term "Advisor" is tossed about one instantly thinks of the slow escalation that led to calamity when the American people lost support during the Vietnam war. Rather this program has been initiated after occupation, after stabilization forces have identifed trouble spots. This MiTT program holds on its shoulders the future of victory in Iraq.

"We're not in charge. We don't lead them (Iraqis). We are a conduit for readiness and combat maneuver support", said Virginian Tim Powers, an Army Reserve Major who is in charge of the MiTT operations of the 1st Brigade, 1st Iraqi Divison.

To say that the 1st Iraqi Division is tested is a vast understatement. These boys have fought in Fallujah, Ramadi, Solmon Pak, Baghdad, Sadr City, Najaf, Tele Far, Mosul, Hit and almost every other named operation since 2004. The are comprised of Christian, Sunni, Shia and Kurds. The lack of attention given to these units baffles me. Not only am I witnessing Shia soldiers giving aid to Sunni civilians, but it is happening in the "worst" Sunni real estate. Surely, if a sectarian civil war was as close as we are told, there would be some sign amongst the people here. I guess immediate security trumps future designs.

These are words from those that HAVE fought in Iraq, words from the ground there and yet the media and the Democrats wish you to believe them rather than the truth from the ground and from our soldiers. Some of you actually do too.

A short conversation with an Iraqi National Guardsman also had an effect on Arndt. "I asked him why he was in the Iraqi National Guard. He said his family had been persecuted under Saddam Hussein. He had vivid memories of what it was like to live under that era. The Iraqi National Guard, they're targeted every day by their own people. They're in a tougher position than we are. He wanted to join so he could have a way to protect his family. I connected with that . that was the same thought process I went through to join the military. I really admired and respected that about him."

Pfc Michael Gillis:

Once in Iraq, Gillis was unsure what to think of the Iraqis he encountered. "A lot of them seemed to be motivated to learn our language. They were very interested. I didn't know what to think of them. I had heard a lot about how they were all undercover Saddam people. But they're willing to learn. They wanted their country to be like ours. They want their country to be free. To have what they want, the freedom to exercise their own religion. To walk around their own town without worrying that someone will tell them they're doing something wrong. They wanted to have their farms and feed their wife and kids."

So many more but to post them would take all day. These are our soldiers. They understand the stakes. They want the American people to back them, support them and understand why they are there, why they are willing to sacrifice their lives for these people. They know the importance of victory in Iraq.

Do you?

Words from the families of the soldiers in Iraq, those that have children there and those that have lost their children in Iraq.

I watch an interview with three parents of soldiers in Iraq this morning. By rights this should go into one the Kerry chaos stories, but their words fit more with this post. I sat with my pen and paper writing as fast as I could while listening, the video can be found here. Look under other features, titled "Hitting the homefront".

Lee, Marilyn and Robert. Three parents of soldiers in Iraq.

Lee has two sons in Iraq and she says: "I feel Kerry smeared my son." She also says " I am angry and Kerrys words were despicable" "Kerry needs to be smarter" "Kerry has an elitist attitude" "Kerry shows a pattern"

Marilyn has lost a son in Iraq and she says: "Kerry's remark was stupid" "I am appalled at Kerry" "Kerry does not support our troops" Kerry is denegrating our military who are protecting our freedoms"

Robert lost one son in Iraq and another has returned from iraq and he says: "I didn't see the joke" "Service in Iraq is NOT a joking matter" "While the troops are in harms way, Kerry uses that as background for a jokes" "It is a pattern"

Robert goes on to say that Kerry's comments in his so-called apology saying anyone that thinks he would insult our troops is crazy is yet another insult, insinuating that they are not crazy"

The last statement from marilyn says it all "We must be United to win in Iraq"

These are not politicians, these are families that have every reason to want this war to end and those that still have family alive in Iraq want them home, yet THEY understand the need to win in Iraq.

Do you?

Do our politicans and the elite media understand how their words and actions affect our troops? Do they care? Or is their political agenda blinding them to the harm they doing to the moral and to the troops very lives?

The Democrats and the left media are insulting our troops every day, by their words, by the stories they refuse to tell, by only telling a part of the truth, the bad parts without giving equal time to the good.

I will end this with my Good news From Iraq Part #9.

11/02/06- CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq- An Al Qaeda assassination team was killed by Coalition Forces in Fallujah Tuesday. Coalition snipers heard gunshots and quickly responded to the murder of an off-duty Fallujah policeman by gunmen in civilian clothes. The Marines from 1st Battalion, 24th Marines, Regimental Combat Team 5 immediately engaged the armed gunmen and killed two of them.

Full release here.

11/02/06- BAGHDAD, Iraq — A Coalition air strike killed a terrorist leader and his driver Wednesday in Eastern Ramadi, diminishing the al-Qaeda in Iraq network.
Rafa Abdul Salam Hamud Al Ithawi, also known as Abu Taha, was the Emir of Shamiyyah. He frequently harbored foreign fighters who entered Iraq illegally in order to assault innocent Iraqis and Coalition Forces.
Precision laser guided munitions were used to destroy the vehicle carrying Abu Taha and his driver.
This and other recent operations in the region highlight the deliberate, methodical dismantlement of the al-Qaeda in Iraq network and those who contribute to its illegal actions.

Full release here.

To end this, let me remind you. Voting for the Democratic party next week is voting for the Tokyo Rose's of the Iraq war. Refusing to vote at all telling our troops you do not believe in their capabilities, despite their own words. Voting Republican is letting our troops know, you believe in them and their mission. They are not a mistake, neither is what they are fighting for. They are our military, they are our heroes and they deserve our support.

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