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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bottled, Canned or Draft

My first thought when I heard Charlie Rangel was in support of the draft, as a veteran, was "hey, alright, a Democrat who GETS it."

Knee Jerk Reactionism, I've found, especially in things political, isn't the best way to handle things. I had always been a supporter of bringing back the draft, as I mentioned once before in a reply to one of spree's postings here, but like a good thinking individual, I've weighed the facts, listened to what other thinking and educated people are saying, and have taken into consideration the evidence that has been presented.

My work involves a lot of travel time, ergo a lot of time listening to the radio. My two favorites are the Laura Ingraham Show, which I've recently discovered, and an older show by a man who I consider to be a TREMENDOUS fountain of knowledge, wisdom, and insight into the political arena, the G. Gordon Liddy Show (yes, the man has had a tremendous impact on my political thinking, and I HIGHLY recommend his autobiography Will). In listening to them, and to their callers (a great number of them veterans like myself), I have come to the conclusion that my original stand on the draft was all wrong, even though I supported it for the right reasons (yes, one CAN be sincerely wrong in ones beliefs). To whit; an all volunteer military is filled with members who are more committed to what they are doing because they have chosen to be in the positions they are in. Mayhap not geographically, mayhap not in combat, but enlistment or taking a commission as an officer was a choice, not something forced upon them.

Hat tip to Amy Proctor, who points out that Rangel's position is deliberately aimed at insulting the Republicans and showing them not to have the resolve to fight a winning war. Henry Kissinger has also weighed in on the matter stating that we "cannot win in Iraq." What a sad way for Mr. Kissinger to try to make his way once again into the political limelight. I would have personally expected better from him, but I've been known to be wrong before (I'll admit it, sometimes I'm wrong...shocking but true). It turns out, if you take the time to READ the posting that Amy Proctor posts on her site, what he says is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from the way Reuters would have you believe. Mr. Kissinger is one of the most brilliant political minds around, and he again shows his clarity of thought on international politics. Kudos to Mr. Kissinger for his insights, and a big THUMBS DOWN for the dinosaur media in distorting what he said.

Ahem. I retract my earlier position of being in favor of the draft. If Rangel thinks it's a good idea, it can't be good for us in the long run, in my opinion...

Once and always, an American Fighting Man