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Monday, November 13, 2006

Good News From Iraq Part #14

Part 14 in the series and there is quite a bit. I will highlight a few of them here and put the link for the rest at the bottom of the post.

These are the faces of a young democracy.

Remember them. This is why we are fighting so hard. For the children.

These are the successes CNN won't show you.

11/11/06- BAGHDAD – 8th Iraqi Army Division forces, with coalition advisers, conducted a raid Nov. 11 near Suwayrah and captured the suspected leader of an insurgent cell responsible for attacks against Iraqi security forces. The cell leader is suspected of also being responsible for a car bomb attack in Suwayrah that killed at least nine and injured more than 50 Iraqi civilians.

The insurgent cell is thought to have also coordinated an attack which destroyed an Iraqi Army headquarters in Suwayrah.

Release here.

11/11/06- RAMADI, Iraq – Marking the largest recruiting drive in the Ramadi district history, over four hundred nine men joined the Iraqi Police during a three-day recruiting drive here.

Becoming an Iraqi policeman offers young men an opportunity to have a profession where they can protect their families.

Release here.

11/12/06- BAGHDAD – Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers detained four suspected terrorists and seized a weapons cache in one of the capital’s western neighborhoods Nov. 11.

After witnessing suspicious activity, Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, searched four suspects. They found a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, an RPG round, an AK-47, a heavy machinegun, three grenades and two assault rifles with two 100-round belts of ammunition.

Release here.

11/12/06- RAMADI, Iraq – Coalition Forces used air-delivered precision munitions to destroy a building in Ramadi Saturday that contained explosives set to detonate upon entry.

Coalition Forces were made aware of the explosive-laden building by intelligence and surveillance assets. There were no reports of civilian casualties and no Coalition casualties.

Release here.

11/12/06- CAMP AL ASAD, Iraq – Three insurgents were killed Saturday in a thwarted attack against a Coalition Forces patrol in the Euphrates River city of Hit, Iraq. Coalition Forces came under gunfire attack near a road intersection by a group of six insurgents.

Coalition Forces responded to the attack with gunfire killing three of the insurgents. The other three fled the scene.

No Coalition or Iraqi Forces were killed or wounded in the engagement.

Release here.

11/12/06- BAGHDAD, Iraq –Coalition Forces detained 10 suspected terrorists while conducting an early morning raid today in Baghdad.

Credible intelligence indicates the suspected terrorists have ties to key leaders of al-Qaeda in Iraq’s network. It is believed they are associated with terrorists who are involved in the housing, movement and enabling of foreign fighters, to include the organization of suicide operations within Baghdad.

Close coordination allowed Coalition Forces to detain the 10 individuals without injuries or casualties to Iraqi citizens or Coalition Forces.

Release here.

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Better to look for yourself, because the left media isn't going to show you the good that our soldiers do, or the sucess they have with their individual missions. The sucess stories aren't good enough to make the headlines for papers such as the New York Times or the Washington Post. It would not serve their political purposes to show you the full picture.

Have a good night everyone.

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