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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Squeaker of the House Defends Rangel Linkfest

In yet another bad decision in a very short time from Nancy Pelosi the new Squeaker of the house, she defends Rangels use congress to "make a point". Instead of making it clear that congress should be serious in their attempt at cleaning up congress, as they "claimed" before the elections,
Pelosi defends the use of congress for childish games.

Instead, Pelosi said Rangel was trying to underscore that the U.S. war effort should be a "shared sacrifice" and his legislation was "a way to make that point."

If this is how congress is going to be used for the next two years, then they might as well stay home and just kickback until 2008..... instead of constantly kicking themselves in the ass.

Nancy Pelosi would do well to listen to this mother of a soldier, who will tell her straight up that people from ALL incomes are enlisting. This anti-miliatry attitude that Pelosi, Rangel and Kerry, to name just a few, have, needs to be adjusted. These men and women are fighting for THEIR safety also, and they should have the common decency to listen to our soldiers and our Generals and quit insulting our troops.

WALLACE: That same day, November 1st, a woman named Danna Swain Palmer sent you and every other senator a letter. Her son, Cory, left the computer engineering program at West Virginia University -- here he is up on the screen -- to join the Marines, sign up for the Marines. And this May, he and three of his comrades were killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq.

Between Pelosi's deliberate attempt to strong arm her own caucus to elect Murtha as the second top leader for the Democrats in congress, then her determinatin not to appoint Harmon to the top job on the intelligence committee, one that Harmon was promised earlier by Democratic leaders, to this latest refusal to call Rangel out on his childish games.... Pelosi is starting off very badly.

She would rather give the top intelligence spot to Alceee Hastings, who was impeached by the house. Is this an act of someone who cares about our national security? Somebody who cares about our protection as a country?

This article showing that top Democrats are not backing the Rangel Jackass plan, shows that the Democratic party still is not on the same page.

If Pelosi, the next squeaker of the house, truly does care about steering the democrats to the center, she would do well in first learning where the center is, herself. Perhaps she should learn more about the Nature of our Enemy and stop acting in ways that encourage them.

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