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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Guerillas in the mist...

Hat tip to
Snapped Shot and Atlas Shrugs for this one...

I come from a family of news junkies. From my earliest memories, I can remember my parents having the evening news on every evening, followed by the local news, while they read the newspapers. CNN was a GODSEND for my mother, especially during times when a breaking story would interupt whatever else was on for a quick report. She would consider this, I suppose, an alert for her to go find out more on CNN when the news break would end. I suppose this is some sort of genetic trait that was passed along; my late grandfather would demand, I am told, complete silence while the news was on, and my brother and I have both followed along this path to some extent with our college studies, his a degree in journalism and work as an editor for a newspaper, mine a degree in history and in political science.

I can remember from a very young age watching news segments reporting Islamic guerillas in their training camps. I'm dating myself here, but I remember watching the news during the Yom Kippur War and seeing the images of mostly Egyptian and Syrian troops in their positions, armed and ready to fight Israel. This is just one incident of many through the years. The media has established itself, long ago, as being more than willing to show "jihadist" scenes to the world.

Are they cheerleading for the terrorists? I'd say that they are, and as I've just pointed out, it's not a new thing. The time has come for the dinosaur media to be told, in no uncertain terms, that by showing support for terrorists what they do borders on treason.

Personally, I've a gullet full of their vile crap.

I hope the rest of you feel the same way, and we can get something done about it.