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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Quick Thank You

Consider this an open trackback

Today makes 2 months that I have been writing this little blog. Over 16,000 visitors (not alot to some, but I am happy with the number) and alot of help from People such as Richard from Hyscience, Tim from Freedom's Zone and Brian at Iowa Voice, for countless emails and unselfish help in helping me get it up and running. Many more have helped also.

A special mention to those that come every day and visit.

I would like to thank them and others that have shown me that blogging is not a competition, but a group of people fighting for what they believe in.

Thank you.

I did not realize when I started this the amount of time that would be spent with research, looking up dates, facts, locations and histories.... but well worth the time.

I will leave you with the Video that I will be showing quite often... everyone should have a chance to see the nature of our enemy.

Never forget who and what we are fighting against.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

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