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Friday, November 17, 2006

The Hillary Pelosi Cat Fight

For Jim on the Iwon message boards.... this is the enemy... have you been living under a rock?

Open Trackback Weekend

After Pelosi's failure to get Murtha elected as house majority leader and the press conference was over, where everyone put on a happy face and smiled big for the cameras.... Pelosi and Hillary were the first to enter the meeting room.

When the men filed in the fight had already started.

Hillary screeching: I am going to strangle you. You have got to be the stupidest, assinine person on earth. You just couldn't keep out of this could you?

Pelosi sounding muffled since she is being choked: Get off of me you crazy bitch. I had every right to endorse whoever I wanted to. I AM SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!

Let me go!!!!

The men look over to Bill Clinton sitting on the other side of the room, grinning all happily.

Dick Durbin: What are you DOING? Why aren't you stopping this?

Bill Clinton: Are you KIDDING? A little mud or jello and this would be the ultimate entertainment.

Harry Reid and Dick Durbin grab Hillary and get her off Pelosi while Murtha helps Pelosi up.

Joe Lieberman quietly goes to the other side of the room and sits down, watching.

Pelosi turns to Hillary and points her finger at her...

How DARE you lay a hand on me or call me stupid... in case you forgot, Abizaid made mincemeat out of you and YOU are supposed to be a rhode scholar!!!!!!!!

Pelosi's voice gets really sarcastic: Hope is not a method General Abizaid.

Pelosi's voice gets deep now, imitating Abizaid: I would say that despair is not a method.

How on EARTH did you walk into THAT one Hillary? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Hillary: You listen to me, you may be the first woman speaker of the house, but I WAS going to be the first woman PRESIDENT. A monkey could do a better job than you and you haven't even started yet!!!!!!!!!!

Pelosi: Don't you DARE speak to me like that!!! I still believe John would have been a better choice... HE wants us to leave Iraq!!!

Hillary: Listen Monkey woman, didn't you HEAR the Generals yesterday? Or are you deaf as well as DUMB??? We made such a big deal out of the fact that Bush was not listening to the military, was not listening to the Generals on the ground and now YOU want to do the same thing and make us look like idiots. AND you have Democrats saying you THREATENED THEM!!!!!!!

Levin Chimes in: Hillary, we do need to leave NOW... we promised and if we don't keep those promises we can kiss 2008 goodbye.

Hillary: Don't you GET it? We are screwed no matter what we do, we need a new plan!!! We might have to at least consider the option that we can WIN with a new plan. We get a new plan of action and then we can still come out of this with our asses intact.

Harry Reid: We all need to calm down and think this through before we decide anything. Winning is NOT an option. We cannot allow that. Bush will get the credit.

Lieberman chuckles from across the room and stands up and without a word walks out of the room.

Hillary, dumbfounded, looks at those around her and realizes that with Lieberman went all hope of a majority vote in the senate on the Iraq war AND all hope is gone for 2008 and perhaps for quite a bit longer.

This is what she sees.

As the scene fades that flushing sound is the sound of Hillary's presidential bid for 2008 being flushed down the toilet.

Figured a little comedy relief was in order again.

Personally I am thinking the next two years can truly be amusing as long as Pelosi keeps making the decisions that she has started with.

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On the serious side of things, Amy Proctor points out good ole Nancy Pelosi's friend Murtha, telling a few more lies.
Hugh Hewitt with "Pelosi's First Folly"
Macsmind has Democratic Drama Part 2.
House Democrat says Pelosi got taken to the woodshed and spanked.

"Basically, she got spanked," said a House Democrat close to both Pelosi and Hoyer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of repercussions. "She got taken to the woodshed. If she doesn't get it, this is going to be a big problem over the long run."

I would say that is an honest assessment.

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A BIG H/T to Riehl World View on his piece called "It's Official:Greenwald is a Nancy Boy"-- Showing how far into denial the far left liberals actually are. Poor Greenwald is whining that Pelosi is being insulted. It is funny as hell.

It is amazing that Democrats are so upset that they are now being criticized by the press.... what did they expect? The left bloggers had a field day on every item of gossip, whether true or false, that was published about the republicans...yet they have the audacity to get upset when the shoe is on the other foot.

Besides not caring to keep our word to the Iraqi people and saying the hell with the honor of a promise made, the left seems to have no loyalty either. They are already talking about putting Pelosi on probation. As neo-neocon so aptly states, it was a mighty short honeymoon for Pelosi.


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