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Friday, November 17, 2006

Good News From Iraq-- The Iraqi Democracy

Part 15 in the Good News From Iraq series will start with the young Iraqi Democracy at work despite what the MSM constantly tries to shove down our throats.

Look for this in the New York Times, or headlines on the Wahington Post front page, even look for it on CNN.... I can almost assure you that you will not find this there. This is the news they do not want you to know about. This is one of Iraq's accomplishments that will go unheard from the left media. The left liberals will denounce it with throwing examples of death and destruction out instead of simply acknowledging that Iraq does have potential, we have helped and they ARE making progress.

God forbid the liberals face a few facts about any good coming from Iraq.

11/14/06- BAGHDAD, IraqThe Central Criminal Court of Iraq convicted 13 security detainees from November 2 to 9, for various crimes including possession of illegal weapons, possessing false civil affair identifications, failure to renew resident identification and illegal border crossing.

The trial court found four Iraqi men guilty of possession of illegal special weapons and for using and forging fake identification. Multi-National Force – Iraq personnel searched two vehicles after observing the defendants throw a pistol out of one of the vehicle’s window. The search of both vehicles revealed 35 82mm mortar rounds, eight 122mm artillery rounds and one 12.7mm machine gun. The defendants were found in violation of Section 6, Paragraph 2B as well as Article 298 and Article 292 of the Iraqi Penal Code. On November 7, the trial panel sentenced one man to 42 years imprisonment and sentenced the other three men to 30 years imprisonment.

The trial court found three Iraqi men guilty of possession of illegal special weapons, in violation of section 6, Paragraph 2B of the Iraqi Penal Code. The defendants surrendered to MNF after the defendants fled a targeted house, engaged MNF-I personnel in a firefight, and were found with one PKC machine gun, three RPG launchers, five AK-47s, and five hand grenades. On November 8, the trial panel sentenced the three men to 15 years imprisonment.

There were six men convicted of passport violations, forging official documents, possession of illegal weapons, and entering the country illegally. The sentences ranged from between six months to 10 years imprisonment. Those convicted include three Iraqis, two Saudi Arabians, and one from Egypt.

Since its establishment in April 2004, the Central Criminal Court has held 1,697 trials for Coalition-apprehended insurgents. The proceedings have resulted in 1,460 convictions with sentences ranging up to death.

Show of hands, how many have seen this type of news on the front pages of their papers?

This is the problem with the liberal media and the clowns that watch it and convince themselves that what they see is all there is to see. Somehow it is easier for them to believe everything is bad, than to admit that there is good in Iraq. They are worth helping.

People that are so embittered and angry that they cannot handle seeing Iraq for what it is, a young democracy that is fighting to survive, are to be pitied.

More news that we do not see in the biased liberal media.

11/14/06- RAMADI, IraqCoalition Forces killed 11 insurgents in three related incidents in Ramadi.

Last night, Coalition Forces observed a small number of insurgents emplacing an improvised explosive device. The insurgents were engaged by Coalition Forces with small arms fire, killing two. The three remaining insurgents returned to the emplacement site and Coalition Forces fired one tank main gun round, killing all three insurgents. There were secondary explosions and the remains of the IED continued to burn for about an hour.

Following an IED attack on a Coalition Vehicle four hours later in the same vicinity, four insurgents were killed after they attempted to take mission essential equipment from the vehicle. Two of the insurgents were killed by small arms fire and two were killed with one main gun tank round.

This event occurred during curfew hours.

In a separate incident today in the same vicinity, three insurgents were observed emplacing an improvised explosive device. They were engaged with small arms fire and a main tank gun round. Two insurgents were killed.

11/15/06- MOSUL, Iraq – Three terrorists were killed and one was seriously wounded on Nov. 13 when they tried to plant a roadside bomb in the Baghdad Garage neighborhood on Train Station Road in western Mosul.

The terrorists attempted to emplace a roadside bomb consisting of a 155 mm artillery round when it exploded prematurely, killing two of them instantly and injuring two more.

11/15/06- BAGHDAD, IraqCoalition Forces detained 18 suspected terrorists and destroyed a cache of improvised explosive device materials while conducting multiple raids Wednesday morning.

The raids targeted individuals in the northern Baghdad region and al-Anbar Province who are believed to have direct ties to al-Qaida in Iraq terrorist cells.

Ground troops located and detonated a stockpile of automobile batteries believed to be stored for use in vehicle-borne IED attacks on innocent Iraqi civilians and Coalition Forces.

11/15/06- CAMP LIBERTY, Iraqi -- Under the clear, morning skies of a promising new day in Baghdad, the 1st Cavalry Division took the reigns for Multi-National Division -- Baghdad from the 4th Infantry Division during a transfer of authority ceremony here Nov. 15.

The ceremony honored the hard work and sacrifices of the departing “Ironhorse Division,” and looked forward to future challenges and successes to be garnered by the “First Team.”

Presiding over the ceremony was Lt. Gen. Peter Chiarelli, commanding general, Multi-National Corps -- Iraq. Chiarelli, no stranger to the 1st Cav. Div., was well suited for his role. Less than two years ago, he commanded the “First Team” during their first rotation as MND-B.

“It seems like only yesterday that I led the ‘First Team’ here,” said Chiarelli. “I know you will build on the exceptional success of the 4th Infantry Division. I have complete confidence that you (First Team) will make the difference.

“The TOA is a symbol of the commitment of the coalition to the people of Iraq,” he said. “This has indeed been a challenging time in Iraq,” he noted. He said in this complex atmosphere, “… few victories happen fast and we can only succeed through perseverance.”

The MNC-I commander said all Soldiers of 4th Inf. Div. should be proud of what they accomplished during their tenure in Baghdad. He said the Soldiers had a direct positive impact on the Iraqi people‘s day-to-day lives, including increased electricity, improved sewage systems and a monumental increase in trained Iraqi Security Forces.

This is the decisive period in the campaign for Iraq,” said Maj. Gen. James D. Thurman, commanding general, 4th Inf. Div. “Fighting side-by-side with Iraqi Security Forces, we have become brothers-in-arms, seeking a common goal.”

The 4th Inf. Div. commander addressed an audience of Iraqi and Coalition leaders, looking back on a year’s worth of successes and sacrifices by his MND-B forces.

“Since January 7, the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines of the Coalition Forces, standing side by side with the ‘jundis’ (soldiers) and ‘shurtas’ (officers) of the Iraqi Security Forces, have courageously faced a determined enemy,” he said. “They have fought the terrorists in the streets, farmlands and deserts of four provinces: Baghdad, Babil, Karbala and Najaf.

“Our combined efforts enabled a new, democratically-elected government to form and begin leading the Iraqi people, living in a free nation,” Thurman said.

The rest of this story can be found here.

Quite a bit more can be found here and it is updated daily.

Do you ever wonder why the MSM doesn't report the whole truth, the good along with the bad? Are you one of those people who think it is because the good news headlines will not draw the readership that the bad does? Or do you think there is a deeper reason?

This also begs the question of why the American public doesn't insist on the full truth? Why they are content with receiving half truths, distortions and, in some cases, downright lies?

What is it about the liberal side of the aisle that makes them see red when faced with the fact that, not only they have been lied to, but like gullible little children who believe in Santa Claus, they bought it all, hook, line and sinker?

A warning to the Democrats from QandO in "Dems pursue ending the war now at their own peril." They should heed this warning... because we all know, history has never looked back on defeatists kindly.

I also have found that the left would rather do anything other that face up to accomplishments in Iraq, including but not limited to turning on each other. Better yet, they have taken to criticizing the press for actually daring to report anything that can be remotely considered bad press for the darling Dems.

Now this may be a partial explaination for why the Democrats and the left side of the aisle do not care to honor our commitment to Iraq and the conservatives do. Philanthropy Expert says conservatives are more generous. Maybe it IS as simple as that... the Conservatives actually care about helping Iraq find success as a democracy and the liberals simply don't give a damn. More reactions on that article here.

Amy Proctor has a wonderful piece on Kissinger Debunking Dem War Rhetoric.

On another subject, Right Truth shows Hamas Lies again.

Peggy Noonan asks "Who'll claim the center." My answer is as long as Pelosi is the "Squeaker of the house" it certainly won't be the Democrats. More reaction on that question here.

Despite differing opinions, most understand that it is in our best interest to help Iraq rise above the sectarian violence to become a beacon of democracy for those in the middle east.

[UPDATE] 11/19/06- Wapo points out that Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush. People who had a hand in the start of the Iraq war criticize Bush about the handling of the war. Never mind the fact that this is a war the likes of which has never been seen before, OR the fact that toppling Saddam was so damn easy, the fallout is what has become difficult. Then again, history teaches us that any party has rats that jump ship when things get tough. The article also points out to how fast the rats on the other side of the aisle jumped ship on Clinton also in his last two years. So is anyone really surprised?

Kissinger offers great insight to Iran.


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