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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Democratic Dilemma

The Democratic party lost for so many years, I truly do not think they understood, despite all the talk, that they were going to win. They ran on a platform of "We are not Bush" "The War in Iraq is BAD" Our soldiers are losing their lives". They won...... now what?

Imagine you are a fly on the wall and there is a meeting of the mindless going on:

Nancy Pelosi: Ok folks, we won...yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Now what the HELL are we going to do about Iraq? Does anyone have any ideas?

Dick Durbin: We leave, we get our soldiers the hell out of there.

Hillary Cinton: We CAN'T just walk away, if we do that we are then known as the party that lost the war. You people are going to cost me the 2008 election.

Nancy Pelosi: Hillary, we have to leave, thats what we promised, the problem is HOW do we leave without Iraq going into a meltdown, being completely taken over by al-Qaeda and having every life lost after we leave on OUR heads??????

John Kerry: I will tell you what we need to do.....

Nancy, Hillary, Reid , and Durbin all scream....SHUT up, you don't say a damn word!!!!!

Kerry sits back down and pouts in the corner, mumbling.

Nancy Pelosi, her voice shriller: What about sending more troops in to get the situation resolved?

Hillary: SITUATION??? Its a WAR stupid!!! You cannot go around spouting about Iraq not being a war, but a "situation" to be resolved". Do you have ANY idea how stupid that sounded?????? My god, I am never going to win in 2008 if I have to carry all you people along.

Nancy Pelosi: Those times publications SAID....

Hillary cuts her off: Yes and ABOUT that, do you not understand that those papers are written by USA Today and are NOT miltary publications??????????

Pelosi: No I didn't when I said it.

Hillary: Maybe you shouldn't speak without knowing then.

Reid: Ladies, ladies, this is getting us nowhere.

Kerry mutters from the corner: Its all that stupid Bush's fault. Our soldiers are over there terrorizing women and....

Nancy AND Hillary to Kerry: SHUT THE HELL UP, haven't you made us seem anti-military enough?

Pelosi voice even shriller yet: We stay we are screwed, we leave we are screwed...god I need a joint.

Durbin: Its Rove's Fault!!!! They set us up.

Pelosi, nodding like a bobble head: Yesssssss, they set us up.

Hillary: You know, they KNEW the war in Iraq was unpopular and yet the last weeks of stumping, they pushed it and insisted it was a war to be won......... instead of focusing on other issues, they KEPT talking about the war, over and over and over.....almost as if they wanted to lose.

Pelosi: What ARE you talking about?

Hillary: They could have pushed our tax agenda and not pushed so hard about the war right before the elections. They could have stumped harder on OUR not producing a "plan" for Iraq....they could have shaped the issues on their campaign trail, but they didn't, the focused completely on the war, every campaign stop, every speech they made sure to mention the war....

Pelosi: They set us up? They put this in OUR lap on purpose?

Hillary: You said it yourself...we stay we're screwed, we leave and civil war breaks out we're screwed, we send more troops in we are screwed publicly and branded liars.

Hillary starts rubbing her temples.

Pelosi, Durbin, Reid and Kerry all sit thinking about that, blank looks on their faces.

From the doorway Bush and Rove stick their heads in the door and scream: NOVEMBER SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then laughing they head on down the hallway, laughing harder as Hillary SCREAMS..... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scene fades out with Hillary yanking her hair out, Pelosi banging herself in the head with her brand new gavel and the men muttering incoherently.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how the Republicans set the stage to win the 2008 presidential elections due to Karl Roves genius.

Ok, seriously, I figured everyone needed a little comedic relief. The point though is this: No matter what the Democratic party does RIGHT NOW, they are screwed. They were so busy saying staying the course was not a plan, so busy screaming about every life lost and THEY could do better, they have "fresh ideas". Now they have to produce those fresh, new ideas... they have to produce something that hasn't been tried yet and doesn't include leaving before Iraq can sustain itself, or they will be branded as a party of losers, of defeatists.

If it works, then what they call "president Bush's" war, is won and Bush is seen as a hero for having the courage to stand up to terror. If it doesn't then the Democrats will have been shown to the world as a party that could not win, could not produce after all their hype about having a plan.

The loser in all this? Hillary Clinton in 2008.

The End.

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