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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Nature of Our Enemy

Welcome to the members. Part two of this post is called Spoonfed Hatred Morning, Noon and Night and the video there is a must see to understand the nature of our enemy.

The President has often said that we are at war with an ideology and I have seen many wave that off and call it rhetoric. People act as if he created the word ideology to justify a war. We have fought nations before, and with communism, we have fought one form of ideology, but it has always been against a nation, never against extremists in any one religion.

For the record, I do understand that there are many peace loving Muslims, this post is not about them. It is not about Muslims that practice their religion in a peaceful way. This is about Jihad Extremists which interpret the Qu'ran in a way that whoever does NOT conform, must die.

I touched on this here, but now a few examples for those that would deny that it IS an ideology we are fighting and we must win or die. There IS no middle ground and I am about to show you why.

We are going to start with The Muslim's Belief by Shaikh Muhammad as-Saleh al-Uthaimin:

"It is our opinion that whoever claims the acceptability of any existing religion today-- other than Islam-- such as Judaism, Christianity and so forth, is a non-believer. He should be asked to repent, if he does not, he must be killed as an apostate because he is rejecting the Qur'an."

To those of you who think, this is just one man's opinion or this is NOT the ideology that Bush is referring to, I would direct you to look at the pictures of those that DO believe this and act accordingly to that belief.

The pictures I am going to link to is on Atlas Shrugs, and I warn you, these are graphic, not for those with a weak stomach and if you have children in the room, DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK.

This is what this ideology looks like, only one set of examples, from Indonesia.

Those pictures are the price one pays for practicing any religion other than Islam.

Understand this is not a political issue, this is not a partisan attack of one party or another. This is for us to understand the nature of our enemy. Not to just hear it, dismiss it and cry out we must end this war.... to UNDERSTAND what it is we are fighting against, whether it be in Iraq, Afghanistan or whereever it may take us. This is why we must fight it.

Back to the point "He should be asked to repent, if he does not, he must be killed as an apostate because he is rejecting the Qur'an."

In order to understand this ideology, one must first comprehend a couple points. One, from the link above, that many, very seriously, follow and enforce this belief and two, Indonesia is not the only place this perverted interpretation of the Islamic religion is practiced.

The Law of Apostasy:

"Every individual of the male sex who, born in the religion of Islam, apostatizes, no longer enjoys the protection of Islam, but is ipso facto condemned to death. His wife should be separated from him; and his property is confiscate. .

"The Woman guilty of apostasy is not punished with death, even if she was born in the Moslem faith, but she is condemned to perpetual imprisonment, and is to be beaten with rods at the hours of prayer.

"A child born of a heretic after the apostasy of the father, and of a Mohammedan mother, shares equally with those whose birth preceded the apostasy of the father. The child descended from a heretic father and mother, and conceived after the apostasy, is subject to the same conditions as his parents; and if he is assassinated, the murderer cannot be punished by the law of retaliation."

The word apostate in Arabic is murtadd and one who apostatizes is called man artadd 'an dinihi, i.e. "Who turns his back on religion." Two words are used for apostasy in Moslem law: irtidad and ridda. The latter term relates to apostasy from Islam into unbelief, kufr; the former, from Islam to some other religion, for example, Christianity. The passages in the Koran dealing with apostasy are the chapter of Women, verse 90; the chapter of the Table, verse 59; and the chapter of the Bee, verse 108, viz:

"Why are ye two parties about the hypocrites, when God hath overturned them for what they earned? Do ye wish to guide those whom God hath led astray? Whoso God hath led astray ye shall not surely find for him a path. They would fain that ye misbelieve as they misbelieve, that ye might be alike; take ye not patrons from among them until they too fight in God's way; but if they turn their backs, then seize them wheresoever ye and them, and take from them neither patron nor help" (IV. 90, 91). "O ye who believe! Whoso is turned away from his religion-God will bring (instead) a people whom He loves and who love Him, lowly to. believers, lofty to unbelievers, strenuous in the way of God, fearing not the blame of him who blames" (V.59).

It will be sufficient to quote what the standard commentary of Baidhawi says on the first passage: "Whosoever turns back from his belief (irtada), openly or secretly, take him and kill him wheresoever ye find him, like any other infidel.

Find more on Apostasy here.

You can also finds centuries of intolerance and persecution for apostates here.

The ideology that the president often refers to is real, despite those that wish to deny it.

The hatred of the United States is not new and was not created when we went into Iraq.... those that claim this, deliberately ignore 9/11.

Those that wish to claim that there is increased terrorism since we took Saddam out of power need to check history, look at the terrorism commited from the 1990's to 9/11/2001 and drag their asses out of the land of denial.

We need to stop trying to fit reality into our fantasies and understand that we are fighting for our lives against regimes like Iran, run by lunatics and developing nuclear weapons to be used against US... the United States of America.

Some will not understand until a mushroom cloud appears on their horizon, those are the useless and are also a danger, but more of a nuisance. Some simply do not WANT to think about it and for that I cannot blame them... it IS terrifying. The fact is though, we need to deal with it, before it deals with us.

Dr. Robert A. Morey stated it perfectly in his question "Will Islam Cause WWIII?

An Old Enemy:

Thus the world is lulled to sleep while an old Enemy of truth, justice, peace, and democracy gathers its strength for an all out offensive against the civilian populations of the West. This old Enemy has attacked the West before. Its armies invaded Europe on several occasions and even reached Vienna, Austria.

This evil force destroyed everything it touched and left only mangled corpses and burned cities behind it. Its blood thirst and genocide campaigns far exceed any atrocities committed by the Nazis and the Soviets. These enemies of all that is good and righteous can kill innocent women and children without mercy and shame.

They have stated time and time again that their great goal is the subjugation of the entire world to the civil laws, totalitarian political forms, and cultural norms dictated by their religion. Instead of religion being the tool of the state, the state is the tool of religion.

This requires the destruction of all other religions, especially Christianity and Judaism. And, throughout history, whenever they had the political means to suppress other religions, they did so with religious zeal.

This ancient enemy of freedom is the religion of Islam. It imposed itself in and beyond the Arabian Desert through wars of violence and political intimidation. It views all that is not Islam as Satan.

Further down he states: In order to convince people that Islam constitutes a clear and present danger to the peace of the world, we must first demonstrate that Islam has the will and the desire to destroy us and, second, that they now have the means to do so.

This is not only the US that is in this battle, in order to "take over the world", these Islamic Extremists are gathering everywhere. A good example of that is the UK. Jihad Watch talks more about that article.
Keep up with reactions here.

British Muslims volunteering to fight against coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are being sent back to Britain to become al-Qaeda "sleeper" agents, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.

MI5 agents believe that young Asian men, who have been trained to take part in the so-called "global jihad" in al-Qaeda camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan, are now regarded as too valuable an asset to be used fighting British and American troops.

MI5 and MI6 are working on the assumption that they are being ordered to return to their communities in Britain with instructions to establish secret, autonomous cells and to conduct independent terrorists operations without any direct input from al-Qaeda's high command.

Security sources claim that al-Qaeda is unlikely to send a British passport holder to his death as a suicide bomber in Iraq when he would be far more valuable as a "sleeper" in Britain.

That is not the past, that is the story in The today.

The Muslims have the will and the means to destroy us.

Islamic fundamentalists plan on putting together an Islamic empire composed of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria, the former Muslim Soviet states such as Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other Muslim nations in Asia.

Their plan is on schedule and they are taking over country after country while the West sleeps securely with its naive dreams of endless peace and prosperity of a new world order called the Pax Americana.

Listen to politicians and other leaders trying to wake up America.

Henry Depippo, Federal Prosecutor of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman.:

"The trial and subsequent conviction of the terrorists that bombed the World Trade Center and planned other terrorist acts should put to rest any doubt about the deadly threat to American citizens posed by radical extremists."

Frank Gaffney, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security:

"Each day's headlines demonstrate the timeliness this important analysis of the emerging trans-national radical Islamic movement... and the growing danger that extremist Islamic elements may seek to exploit our present vulnerability to missile attack with devastating results."

L. Paul Bremer, former head of the counter terrorism office for the State Department:

"The agenda of these people is to attack us for what we are... It's something very hard for Americans who live in a multi-cultured and secular society to understand."

Bernard Lewis, noted Middle East scholar:

"[Muslim fundamentalists] make no secret of their contempt for democratic political procedures."

William Sessions, former Director of the FBI:

"The public must always remain vigilant against acts of terrorism to ensure that terrorism does not become commonplace in this country as it has in many other countries."

Ambassador Henry F. Cooper:

"Today we have no protection from even a single ballistic missile."

Anthony Dennis:

"In short, the coming Islamic Empire will be a world power in every sense of the word, whose people will share a vibrant religion and a common Islamic culture. Like its Muslim predecessors, the Islamic Empire of the early 21st Century will also have an appetite for territorial expansion and military conquest. A modern, worldwide jihad against non-Muslim populations and societies complete with nuclear weapons promises to bring the highest casualty rates in the history of mankind. World War III, if it does come, will probably occur between the Islamic Bloc and the Western nations. It will be the deadliest war ever fought by humanity."

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel:

"Islamic fundamentalism, like communism... is bent on the expansion of its dominion to as many corners of the world as possible."

Howard Bloom:

"It doesn't matter what they tell you - Islamic fundamentalism is a worldwide menace... Allah is rapidly equipping Khomeini's followers with a sword to carry out their master's wishes. He has offered Islam the fire in which the Koran says those who follow false faiths are destined to burn: nuclear weaponry. He has also provided the long-range missiles needed to use it. According to the late Imam's logic, there may be only one just and righteous thing to do: employ this technology to wipe out recalcitrant heathens like you and me."

With the break up of the Soviet military complex, the Muslims have been able to buy intercontinental ballistic missiles that are capable of striking anywhere on the planet. They have nuclear bombs that can fit into a steamer trunk and it is feared that such a device may already be in this country. There is a real danger that we will one day face nuclear blackmail just as we faced Arab oil blackmail in the 1970s.

For those that wish to make this a "political issue" notice I did not quote Bush's own comments on ideology... because this is NOT a political issue, this is a matter of life or death...OURS.

This is the nature of our enemy, and we ignore it at our own peril.

More from Michelle Malkin on Assassination Mania in Indonesia.

Biga's Rants on Diplomacy is Overrated.

Wapo has an article that once again makes a statement, THEN contradicts itself. Kissinger says Iraq cannot be won with military options alone. Although this article does make my point once again about what I call the "headline factor" distorting what the actual comments are for the sensational headline, just to find out that the quotes contained IN the article contradict the headline.

But Kissinger, an architect of the Vietnam war who has advised President Bush about Iraq, warned against a rapid withdrawal of coalition troops, saying it could destabilize Iraq's neighbors and cause a long-lasting conflict.

"A dramatic collapse of Iraq _ whatever we think about how the situation was created _ would have disastrous consequences for which we would pay for many years and which would bring us back, one way or another, into the region," he said.

[UPDATE]- Knowing the nature of our enemy means we will need to at least consider this, because if we do not handle Iran, Isreal will.

Reactions on that article can be found here.

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