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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Spoon Fed Hatred, Morning, Noon and Night

Must See Video Below

After my piece
The Nature of our Enemy I wrote a post for those "claiming" that terrorists hated us because we were in the Middle east. His claims which he tried to call an "explanation" of why Islamic extremists hate us were debunked in my piece After 9/11, showing how India, France, Pakistan, Afghanistan as well as a whole host of other countries were attacked by terrorists from 9/11-01 until 12/31/01. (NOTE: This is BEFORE we toppled Saddam.)

Unless someone wishes to try to excuse their behavior in all those countries by saying America is to blame for all those attacks also, I believe we have established that Islamic extremists will kill us and others across the world and our presence in the Middle East has nothing to do with it.

I posted a video under the After 9/11 piece that seemed to get lost in the shuffle and it really shouldn't have. This is something everyone needs to see. This is what the Islamic children in countries like Iran are spoon fed, morning, noon and night on their television. Actual clips.

These are disturbing to say the least and I suggest you watch the full video... many watch a couple minutes and then see Glenn Beck start to talk and think the clips are over, they are not. The disturbing ones are after he speaks...

One example is of a little girl screaming as she is being prepped for surgery so that her eyes could be stolen by the "Jews". In another it shows a three yr old child being taught hatred to the Jewish people, calling them dogs and pigs and such, over and over... at THREE YEARS old.

Further into the video you will see cartoons aimed at children showing suicide bombing and how it is done in the name of Allah.

Childrens shows with other children screaming how America and Isreal is there to kill them.

Clips of infolike commercials they show their children about how Jews use muslim blood to make Matzo bread.

This is what these children grow up seeing, since there is no free press, this is how they grow up, this is what they learn about America and Israel. They are taught this in their schools and by their parents who were taught the same things growing up.

In one part of it they tell them that Pepsi is owned by Jews in a vast conspiracy against the Islamic religion and the Muslim people.

There is too much in this video to explain here... you must watch it, the whole thing to understand WHY these people hate us so much. To understand why they will die to kill as many of us as they can. Why they will not stop...ever, unless WE stop them whereever we find them.

It is disturbing, it will stay with you.....but it will show you what we are up against and why it is so important that we fight this, we understand this and we unite in our goals.

[UPDATE]June 1, 2007-(Video Removed from YouTube, if anyone has another link, please email me at or leave a comment so that I can replace this video with the same one YouTube removed)

If you were able to watch the whole thing, you will finally understand the nature of our enemy.

If you did not watch the whole thing, do not post a comment on how it can all be traced back to the US being in the middle east, because as you will see in these clips... THAT isn't even mentioned. You, who would "explain" or "excuse" these terrorists are one of the reasons they are able to continue. There is NO excuse or explanation for terrorism.....ever.

Anyone who wishes to share this video can either link here or email me here .

Woman Honor Thyself shows that Jihad women pretend to be pregnant using a bomb under their clothes. This warning comes from the NYPD, right here in the US.

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