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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Never Again

Has Europe learned nothing from the lessons of World War II? Is it so easy to slip back into a mindset that was deemed criminal and wrong at the
Nuremberg trials when atrocity after atrocity was revealed?

France seems to have taken the mantle of ant-Semitism as we enter the 21st century. Hat tip to Atlas Shrugs for bringing this to our attention and forwards a call to boycott ALL things French; their wine, their perfume, their chocolates, everything.

What in the hell is WRONG with these people that they fall into the same trappings as Nazi Germany during the 1930's and 1940's? We have shown, in this country, our distaste for the lack of spine shown by the French government as recently as our latest military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"A few years ago, in 2001 for instance, I do not think we would have discussed an issue such as the one on our agenda. At the end of the 1990s, the Jewish community of France was living in peace. Worrying events did occur, however in the past three decades we never felt the Jewish community being questioned regarding its role within French society. The future of the Jewish community in France was simply not an issue. This situation has changed in the past three years partly due to the large amount of serious events that have occurred, pointing at a deep crisis within French society and due, too, to the comments made by intellectual circles, by the powers that be, by the media, by the public opinion and by the Jewish community itself. "

Why has this come to pass? Radical Islam.

"Many reasons brought to the current situation in France and in Europe, leading to anti-Semitic attacks. I want to highlight the fact that the revival of the new Intifada and the attacks against the Jewish community on the eve of Rosh Hashanah occurred almost simultaneously in September 2000. Synagogues, community centers and Jewish schools were attacked and a great number of buildings were destroyed or burned down. "

Still not convinced?

"A few words must be said about the media's responsibility in the reporting of the Intifada. The French media contributed largely to the deterioration of the image of Israel in the eye of the French public opinion. I remember the case of this young Arab immigrant living in a French suburb explaining he decided to attack a synagogue after a TV newscast showing the Intifada. From this point of view, the media coverage improved in the last months. CRIF, with the support of some intellectuals, helped improving the atmosphere through targeted actions on the media exposing the bias and subjectivity of their reports and their serious consequences on the public opinion and on the Jewish community. "

Read the article here.

The French government, as usual, pays lip service to the matter. In a recent address by Dominique de Villepin at the World Jewish Congress diner, he stated "France is pursuing a determined fight against anti-Semitism in our country and globally." There is significant evidence of anti-Sematism alive and well in France and the European Union as a whole for there to be more than just a concern.

What is to be done? As I said, it's boycott time again. Make the French wake up and KNOW that freedom loving people WILL NOT STAND for this. Make them understand that we defeated Hitler when most of France sat on its collective ass under surrender, and we will NOT let them become "Nazi France."

In the two words that I'm sure every Jew who reads this will understand, I say "Never Again" and call upon others to join with me in putting those two words upon their lips and in their hearts.

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[UPDATE]-11/24/06: Charles Krauthammer has an excellent piece here.

Once and always, an American Fighting Man