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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Jews get screwed again

Once again the Jewish people get screwed. They agree to a truce, they stop military action in Gaza and
two Palestinian groups refuse to stop sending rockets into Isreal.

Israeli troops withdrew from the Gaza Strip as an unexpected truce took hold Sunday, but two major Palestinian militant groups, saying they had no intention of stopping their attacks, fired volleys of homemade rockets into Israel.

The rocket attacks by Hamas and Islamic Jihad tempered hopes for a lasting cease-fire, which was meant to end five months of deadly clashes. The rockets landed in open fields and caused no injuries.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ordered his security chiefs to send their forces to the Gaza border area to prevent further rocket attacks, according to Palestinian security officials.

"The instructions are clear. Anyone violating the national agreement will be considered to be breaking the law," said Lt. Gen. Abdel Razek Mejaidie.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert ordered the army to show restraint in the face of the rockets

"Even though there are still violations of the cease-fire by the Palestinian side, I have instructed our defense officials not to respond, to show restraint, and to give this cease-fire a chance to take full effect," he said.

This is nothing new. Everytime the Israeli's has tried to end hostilities, the opposing sides have never honored the agreements, yet the UN, full of anti-semitic bastards, rarely ever do a thing to protect the Jewish people, they always make excuses for the opposing side in their one sided statements about Israel.

They did the same thing in the last war with Lebanon, the UN commissioner Louise Arbour is a known Jew hater continues to make statements about Israel and year after year the UN shows bias against the Jewish people.

Israel is no less culpable than Hezbollah when it comes to the deaths of civilians, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour said, adding it makes little difference whether the killing was intentional.

Louise Arbour also refused to meet with the families of the kidnapped victims in Israel on her latest trip.

Personally, I would have enjoyed seeing Israel kick her the hell out of the country, denouncing her for the Jew hater she is.

Current international law fails to answer the following questions: What is a democracy supposed to do when a terrorist enemy -- sworn to its genocidal destruction -- launches anti-personal missiles designed to maximize civilian casualties, and launches them from civilian population centres? Are they supposed to simply do nothing and let the missiles rain down on their own cities? Are they supposed to send in ground troops, as Israel did in Jenin, with considerable loss of life on both sides? May they conduct air attacks targeting the missile launchers or the terrorists and their arms depots, even though some civilians will "foreseeably" be killed?

When terrorists use civilians as human shields, it is the terrorists who are criminally responsible for the "foreseeable" deaths of the civilian shields. Arbour may have missed the criminal law class in which this issue was considered, but Canadian law -- like the law of all civilized nations -- holds the bank robber, not the policeman guilty of murder, when the robber takes a hostage and the policeman kills the hostage in an effort to stop the robber from shooting at innocent bystanders. The same should be true of international law.
It actually took a close call with a rocket for Louise Arbour to finally, reluctantly to even address Israels undeniable right to defend itself.

It took a personal close encounter with a Kassam rocket fired on Isralei civilians to get it out of her, but the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Tuesday expressed a sentiment rarely if ever voiced by a UN official:

Israel has the right to defend its citizens against "Palestinian" rocket attacks, Louise Arbour said, after a Kassam slammed into the ground not 200 meters away while she was paying a visit to the besieged Negev town of Sderot.

According to her spokesman, the visit had been "traumatic" for Arbour, was also distressed by the sight of Jewish children forced to position themselves near a wall inside their daycare center in a self-defensive posture following another Kassam attack alert.

"It was quite a striking scene seeing all these children lined up against the wall, not the kind of thing any human being wants to go through," said Jose Diaz.

The time is coming where the Israeli's are going to do what has to be done and the hell with public opinion. If the UN is simply going to sit back and encourage attacks on the Jewish state and say nothing about those that attack Israel anyway.....why not pull out all the stops and just finish the job and the UN and the international community be damned.

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