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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Video- NRA's Wayne LaPierre Responds to Obama's Inaugural Address

By Susan Duclos

NRA CEO and EVP Wayne LaPierre, in addressing an audience at the 56th Annual Weatherby Foundation International Hunting and Conversation Award Dinner in Reno, Nevada, cited comments made by President Barack Obama at his Inaugural speech. "'We cannot mistake absolutism for principle,'" LaPierre qouted the president as saying. LaPierre argues that Obama wants to turn the idea of "absolutism" into another word for "extremism" and wants Americans to accept the idea of "principles" as Obama sees fit to define them.


Key quotes via The Hill:

“In his second inaugural address, President Barack Obama quoted the Declaration of Independence and he talked about 'unalienable rights,' " said LaPierre. “I would argue that his words make a mockery of both.”


 “We're told that to stop insane killers, we must accept less freedom — less than the criminal class and political class keep for themselves,” said LaPierre. “Obama is saying that the only ‘principled’ way to make children safe is to make lawful citizens less safe and violent criminals more safe.”


“We believe we deserve, and have every right to, the same level of freedom that our government leaders keep for themselves, and the same capabilities and same technologies that criminals use to prey upon us and our families,” said LaPierre. “That means we believe in our right to defend ourselves and our families with semi-automatic technology.

It is not just the NRA that is promising the "fight of the century" against Obama and liberals gun grabbing agenda.

Sheriffs across the country are standing up, speaking out and sending letters to the Obama administration saying they will not allow their citizen's  constitutional 2nd Amendment rights to be infringed up and will not allow new gun regulations to be enforced in their counties.

Gun owners are refusing to comply and organizing a boycott against the new laws, as were passed in New York.

State lawmakers are introducing legislation in multiple states, to date,  that would make it illegal for new gun laws to be enforced in their states.

Considering how divisive Obama has been in his first term, he has managed to do something the GOP leadership hasn't managed to do..... unite conservatives from one end of the country to the other to protect their constitutional right to bear arms and defend themselves.