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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Poll: American's Priorities Not Washington's, Immigration/Gun Control Single Digit Support

By Susan Duclos

Reason-Rupe polled Americans and confirms other polling organization's findings that American's priorities are not the priorities being expressed by Barack Obama.

Recently Obama has been pushing for gun control and also spent $1.5 million plus on his latest push for immigration reform, but according to yet another poll, Immigration reform is thought to be a priority by just two percent and gun control/violence by only three percent.

As with other polls from a variety of organizations, the economy; jobs; and Federal Deficit/Cut Spending/Balance Budget are the only issues that hit double digits, 29 percent, 19 percent and 13 percent, respectively, in the Reason-Rupe poll.

 Other findings:

• 75 percent of Americans believe the federal budget deficit should be addressed now.

• 64 percent feel Congress should not allow Obama to raise the debt ceiling, with 29 percent believing they should

• 40 percent believe that federal government spending has reduced the quality of life, 39 percent say it hasn't made much of a difference and only 17 percent believe it has helped.

• 49 percent say it would help the economy if federal government spending were down to the levels of the 1990's, 12 percent think that would hurt the economy and  31 percent do not think it would make a difference.

Gun Control and Second Amendment Issues

• 52 percent of Americans believe that elected officials are exploiting the  Sandy Hook tragedy for political gain, while 41 percent feel elected officials are acting responsibly.

• 51 percent, of Americans say people “should be allowed to own assault weapons,” while 44 percent say people “should be prohibited from owning assault weapons.

 • The public is split on what might have helped prevent the Newtown tragedy. When asked what might have helped prevent the shooting, 24 percent proposed better mental health treatment, 19 percent said stricter gun laws, 18 percent stressed better parenting and 17 percent suggested armed guards.

Poll break down by political affiliation:

Democrats- 36%
Independent- 32%
Republican- 22%
Other- 9%

The disconnect between what Washington politicians are focusing on, and what Americans find to be priorities and want to see addressed, is astounding in it's scope, and why Americans do not think their elected officials are listening to them.