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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Two More Missouri Sheriffs Say The Will Not Enforce Federal Gun Bans

By Susan Duclos

We can now add Ralls County Sheriff Gerry Dinwiddie, Marion County Sheriff Jimmy Shinn to the list of the other  120 Sheriff's around the country, who have now said they will not enforce any new gun laws that violate their citizens constitutional Second Amendment right to bear arms.

The president of the Missouri Sheriff's Association has also issued a letter to MO. Governor Jay Nixon, that says in part "We don't need the architect (federal government) handing us a set of blueprints that will build the best system to protect our children, we need local government to come to the table to develop a plan that we in turn hand to the architect and say, this is what we need, help us build it."

Letter found here.

This makes three Sheriff's Associations, Utah, New Mexico and now Missouri's that want the federal government to stay out of their business.

H/T Todd- @Chickenfoot99