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Monday, January 14, 2013

'Guns Across America' rallies being organized for Saturday, Jan. 19th, 2013

By Susan Duclos

[Update January 19, 2013] Photos from the Gun rallies across America here

January 19, 2013 is Gun Appreciation Day, where Second Amendment supporters are encouraged to visit their local gun stores in support of protecting their right to bear arms..

Rallies are also being set up for Guns Across America.

Via Examiner:

The idea is to schedule a Pro-2nd Amendment rally at every state capitol across the nation to send a peaceful but strong message to our state legislatures that the overwhelming majority of Americans actually do not want any new gun control legislation passed in our states. The events will take place at "high noon" local time on Saturday, January 19, 2013 at your state capitol.

I was fortunate enough to catch up with the brainchild for this nationwide event by email and was able to ask him a few questions. Eric Reed describes himself as a family man and an ordinary American that has become very concerned about the direction of our nation. He is currently employed full-time as an Airline Captain and resides with his family in Texas. In his spare time, he also has a website called, "Gun Control = More Crime".

When asked why he started organizing this event, Reed's response:

I'm saddened with the direction our country is heading. I keep hearing about new restrictive gun legislation and a possible executive order. The restrictions our congress is considering implementing are infringing on our basic Second Amendment rights and I feel that somebody must take a stand. Time is crucial! I felt if we could get "mass numbers" of Americans out for a peaceful rally for gun rights, our nation's elected officials (who work for us) will have to take notice. 

Via the Gun Control= More Crime website:

Please  attend the "Guns Across America" rally on Jan. 19, 2013, at your state capital building.  This event starts at "high noon" local time.  I'm posting a link for the event, and for my Facebook page, "Gun Control = More Crime."  Please America, I implore you to stand up for our 2nd amendment rights.  Our voices must be heard.     
Lawful gun owners use their weapon reluctantly, and only in the gravest of danger. They exercise skill and discipline with their defensive training. Unlike police, a lawful gun owner will never give you a speeding ticket, or tax you to provide you with protection.

Responsible gun owners have always acted as peacekeepers in society.

We acknowledge our responsibility to our well-being, and those around us. We acknowledge that laws are not followed by criminals, and valiantly stand opposed to restrictions on the tools we legally use for defense.

American Gun Owners.
Armed, trained, and peaceful.

With Barack obama and liberals across the country trying to impose more and more gun laws which gun rights activists believe would violate their constitutionally protected Second Amendment  rights, events like the two mentioned above, can make a powerful statement to our elected officials.

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